title: ‘How to capture an SKP file from the Android Framework’ linkTitle: ‘How to capture an SKP file from the Android Framework’


To set up a newly flashed device for capturing, run the following to make it possible for the recording process to write its file:

adb root
adb remount

MSKP files may capture any use of a Skia canvas, and there are two uses in Android instrumented to capture them. HWUI, which will show the contents of a single application, and RenderEngine which will show interleaved buffers from multiple applications and transitions such as portrait-landscape.

Capturing from HWUI

Set the capture_skp property to enable (but not start) HWUI capture capability. This will only affect applications started after setting the capture_skp property so you may have to restart the application you wish to capture from.

adb root
adb shell setprop debug.hwui.capture_skp_enabled true

Then, each time you want to capture a file:

First, open the application you will be capturing from. Then, trigger capture with the following script from the root of your Android tree. (See https://source.android.com/docs/setup/download.)

frameworks/base/libs/hwui/tests/scripts/skp-capture.sh PACKAGE_NAME FRAMES

PACKAGE_NAME is the name of the component or app you want to capture, for example: com.google.android.apps.nexuslauncher.

FRAMES is the number of frames to capture. This is optional and defaults to 1.

Capturing from RenderEngine

Once before capturing, run the following from the Android root.

frameworks/native/libs/renderengine/skia/debug/record.sh rootandsetup

To record all frames that RenderEngine handles over the span of 2 seconds.

frameworks/native/libs/renderengine/skia/debug/record.sh 2000

The output file is copied to your current working directory when the device is finished serializing it. This can take up to 30 seconds.

There is a small chance that the capture script incorrectly detects that the file is complete too early and copies a truncated file off the device. It will be unreadable in the debugger. If you suspect this has happened, it's likely that you can still retrieve the complete file from the device at /data/user/re_skiacapture_*.mskp

Reading the file

Open the resulting file in the Skia Debugger. For single frame SKPs, you could also use the Skia Viewer to view it, or rasterize it with dm (see Skia Build Instructions for how to build dm):

out/Release/dm --src skp --skps FILENAME.skp -w /tmp --config 8888 gpu pdf --verbose
ls -l /tmp/*/skp/FILENAME.skp.*