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* Copyright 2012 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrGLProgramDataManager_DEFINED
#define GrGLProgramDataManager_DEFINED
#include "gl/GrGLShaderVar.h"
#include "gl/GrGLSL.h"
#include "GrAllocator.h"
#include "SkTArray.h"
class GrGLGpu;
class SkMatrix;
class GrGLProgram;
class GrGLProgramBuilder;
/** Manages the resources used by a shader program.
* The resources are objects the program uses to communicate with the
* application code.
class GrGLProgramDataManager : public SkRefCnt {
// Opaque handle to a uniform
class ShaderResourceHandle {
bool isValid() const { return -1 != fValue; }
: fValue(-1) {
ShaderResourceHandle(int value)
: fValue(value) {
int fValue;
class UniformHandle : public ShaderResourceHandle {
/** Creates a reference to an unifrom of a GrGLShaderBuilder.
* The ref can be used to set the uniform with corresponding the GrGLProgramDataManager.*/
static UniformHandle CreateFromUniformIndex(int i);
UniformHandle() { }
bool operator==(const UniformHandle& other) const { return other.fValue == fValue; }
UniformHandle(int value) : ShaderResourceHandle(value) { }
int toProgramDataIndex() const { SkASSERT(isValid()); return fValue; }
int toShaderBuilderIndex() const { return toProgramDataIndex(); }
friend class GrGLProgramDataManager; // For accessing toProgramDataIndex().
friend class GrGLProgramBuilder; // For accessing toShaderBuilderIndex().
friend class GrGLGeometryProcessor;
struct UniformInfo {
GrGLShaderVar fVariable;
uint32_t fVisibility;
GrGLint fLocation;
// This uses an allocator rather than array so that the GrGLShaderVars don't move in memory
// after they are inserted. Users of GrGLShaderBuilder get refs to the vars and ptrs to their
// name strings. Otherwise, we'd have to hand out copies.
typedef GrTAllocator<UniformInfo> UniformInfoArray;
GrGLProgramDataManager(GrGLGpu*, const UniformInfoArray&);
/** Functions for uploading uniform values. The varities ending in v can be used to upload to an
* array of uniforms. arrayCount must be <= the array count of the uniform.
void setSampler(UniformHandle, GrGLint texUnit) const;
void set1f(UniformHandle, GrGLfloat v0) const;
void set1fv(UniformHandle, int arrayCount, const GrGLfloat v[]) const;
void set2f(UniformHandle, GrGLfloat, GrGLfloat) const;
void set2fv(UniformHandle, int arrayCount, const GrGLfloat v[]) const;
void set3f(UniformHandle, GrGLfloat, GrGLfloat, GrGLfloat) const;
void set3fv(UniformHandle, int arrayCount, const GrGLfloat v[]) const;
void set4f(UniformHandle, GrGLfloat, GrGLfloat, GrGLfloat, GrGLfloat) const;
void set4fv(UniformHandle, int arrayCount, const GrGLfloat v[]) const;
// matrices are column-major, the first three upload a single matrix, the latter three upload
// arrayCount matrices into a uniform array.
void setMatrix3f(UniformHandle, const GrGLfloat matrix[]) const;
void setMatrix4f(UniformHandle, const GrGLfloat matrix[]) const;
void setMatrix3fv(UniformHandle, int arrayCount, const GrGLfloat matrices[]) const;
void setMatrix4fv(UniformHandle, int arrayCount, const GrGLfloat matrices[]) const;
// convenience method for uploading a SkMatrix to a 3x3 matrix uniform
void setSkMatrix(UniformHandle, const SkMatrix&) const;
enum {
kUnusedUniform = -1,
struct Uniform {
GrGLint fVSLocation;
GrGLint fFSLocation;
GrSLType fType;
int fArrayCount;
SkDEBUGCODE(void printUnused(const Uniform&) const;)
SkTArray<Uniform, true> fUniforms;
GrGLGpu* fGpu;
typedef SkRefCnt INHERITED;