Roll third_party/externals/swiftshader 13f230772370..64b761a8af9b (23 commits)

git log 13f230772370..64b761a8af9b --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2019-04-15 Kokoro: Build VS solutions produced from CMake
2019-04-15 Build: Silence LLVM warnings for Windows.
2019-04-13 Revert "SprivShader: Replace hand-rolled bitreverse with LLVM intrinsic"
2019-04-13 Revert "SprivShader: Replace hand-rolled bitcount with LLVM intrinsic"
2019-04-13 SprivShader: Replace hand-rolled bitcount with LLVM intrinsic
2019-04-13 SprivShader: Replace hand-rolled bitreverse with LLVM intrinsic
2019-04-13 Dynamic state implementation
2019-04-13 Kokoro: Enable macos CI tests
2019-04-13 Build: Silence all Clang + SubZero warnings.
2019-04-13 Regres: Update test lists @ acf12f1c
2019-04-13 Kokoro: Remove now unused files
2019-04-13 Kokoro: Disable Vulkan tests for Subzero.
2019-04-13 Kokoro: Add stub (noop) test files for macOS.
2019-04-13 Subzero: Fix warning ‘Ty’ may be used uninitialized
2019-04-13 Build: Suppress multi-line comment warning (in Subzero).
2019-04-12 SpirvShader: Implement GLSLstd450MatrixInverse
2019-04-12 Implement basic SPIR-V texture sampling
2019-04-12 Adjust matrix addressing to account for RowMajor/ColMajor
2019-04-12 Capture RowMajor/ColMajor decorations
2019-04-12 Fix handling of loads/stores of explicitly-laid-out objects
2019-04-12 Pass descriptor sets to SPIR-V compilation
2019-04-12 Propagate descriptor decorations to access-chain and load results
2019-04-12 Regres: Update test lists @ 13f23077

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