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This file contains a way to set flags from BUILD.bazel instead of requiring users to set them from
the CLI.
For example, a user could create:
name = "skia_with_jpeg_png_and_svg",
set_flags = {
"include_decoder": [
"enable_svg_canvas": ["True"],
target = "//:skia_public",
Then, compiling with
bazel build :skia_with_jpeg_png_and_svg
would produce the same output as
bazel build //:skia_public --include_encoder=jpeg_decode_codec \
--include_encoder=png_decode_codec \
which uses aliases defined in .bazelrc to be the same as
bazel build //:skia_public --//bazel/common_config_settings:include_encoder=jpeg_decode_codec \
--//bazel/common_config_settings:include_encoder=png_decode_codec \
Having the options be defined in the BUILD.bazel target is much more convenient.
See more here about Bazel transitions:
load("//bazel:cc_binary_with_flags.bzl", "with_flags_transition")
# This transition implementation just forwards the outputs from the target as its own.
# We expect target to be a cc_library, so we return its CcInfo outputs, describing the compilation
# and linking of C++ code. That way, this rule can be used anywhere a cc_library could be used
# (e.g. in the deps of a cc_binary).
def _transition_rule_impl(ctx):
target =[0]
return [
cc_library_with_flags = rule(
implementation = _transition_rule_impl,
attrs = {
# set_flags is a dictionary with the keys being the short-form of a flag name
# (e.g. the part that comes after the colon) and the value being a list of values
# that the flag should be set to, regardless of the relevant CLI flags.
"set_flags": attr.string_list_dict(),
"target": attr.label(
mandatory = True,
allow_single_file = True,
# Setting cfg to be a transition allows us to modify the build settings before
# Bazel actually does the building. In this way, we can read the set_flags dictionary
# and modify/update the appropriate build settings that we defined in
# //bazel/common_config_settings. We share this transition with cc_binary_with_flags.
cfg = with_flags_transition,
# This is a stock Bazel requirement for any rule that uses Starlark
# transitions. It's okay to copy the below verbatim for all such rules.
"_allowlist_function_transition": attr.label(
default = "@bazel_tools//tools/allowlists/function_transition_allowlist",