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* Copyright 2021 Google LLC
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrOpsTypes_DEFINED
#define GrOpsTypes_DEFINED
#include "include/core/SkMatrix.h"
#include "include/core/SkRect.h"
#include "include/private/GrTypesPriv.h"
#include "include/private/SkColorData.h"
#include "src/gpu/GrSurfaceProxyView.h"
/** Used by SDC::drawQuadSet and FillRectOp */
struct GrQuadSetEntry {
SkRect fRect;
SkPMColor4f fColor; // Overrides any color on the GrPaint
SkMatrix fLocalMatrix;
GrQuadAAFlags fAAFlags;
/** Used by SDC::drawTextureSet and TextureOp */
struct GrTextureSetEntry {
GrSurfaceProxyView fProxyView;
SkAlphaType fSrcAlphaType;
SkRect fSrcRect;
SkRect fDstRect;
const SkPoint* fDstClipQuad; // Must be null, or point to an array of 4 points
const SkMatrix* fPreViewMatrix; // If not null, entry's CTM is 'viewMatrix' * fPreViewMatrix
SkPMColor4f fColor; // {a,a,a,a} for rgb textures, {r,g,b,a} for alpha-only textures
GrQuadAAFlags fAAFlags;