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* Copyright 2017 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkSVGRadialGradient_DEFINED
#define SkSVGRadialGradient_DEFINED
#include "experimental/svg/model/SkSVGGradient.h"
#include "experimental/svg/model/SkSVGTypes.h"
class SkSVGRadialGradient final : public SkSVGGradient {
~SkSVGRadialGradient() override = default;
static sk_sp<SkSVGRadialGradient> Make() {
return sk_sp<SkSVGRadialGradient>(new SkSVGRadialGradient());
void setCx(const SkSVGLength&);
void setCy(const SkSVGLength&);
void setR(const SkSVGLength&);
void setFx(const SkSVGLength&);
void setFy(const SkSVGLength&);
void onSetAttribute(SkSVGAttribute, const SkSVGValue&) override;
sk_sp<SkShader> onMakeShader(const SkSVGRenderContext&,
const SkColor*, const SkScalar*, int count,
SkTileMode, const SkMatrix&) const override;
SkSVGLength fCx = SkSVGLength(50, SkSVGLength::Unit::kPercentage);
SkSVGLength fCy = SkSVGLength(50, SkSVGLength::Unit::kPercentage);
SkSVGLength fR = SkSVGLength(50, SkSVGLength::Unit::kPercentage);
SkTLazy<SkSVGLength> fFx;
SkTLazy<SkSVGLength> fFy;
typedef SkSVGGradient INHERITED;
#endif // SkSVGRadialGradient_DEFINED