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* Copyright 2015 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrVkMemory_DEFINED
#define GrVkMemory_DEFINED
#include "GrVkBuffer.h"
#include "SkTArray.h"
#include "SkTLList.h"
#include "vk/GrVkDefines.h"
#include "vk/GrVkTypes.h"
class GrVkGpu;
namespace GrVkMemory {
* Allocates vulkan device memory and binds it to the gpu's device for the given object.
* Returns true if allocation succeeded.
bool AllocAndBindBufferMemory(const GrVkGpu* gpu,
VkBuffer buffer,
GrVkBuffer::Type type,
bool dynamic,
GrVkAlloc* alloc);
void FreeBufferMemory(const GrVkGpu* gpu, GrVkBuffer::Type type, const GrVkAlloc& alloc);
bool AllocAndBindImageMemory(const GrVkGpu* gpu,
VkImage image,
bool linearTiling,
GrVkAlloc* alloc);
void FreeImageMemory(const GrVkGpu* gpu, bool linearTiling, const GrVkAlloc& alloc);
VkPipelineStageFlags LayoutToPipelineStageFlags(const VkImageLayout layout);
VkAccessFlags LayoutToSrcAccessMask(const VkImageLayout layout);
void FlushMappedAlloc(const GrVkGpu* gpu, const GrVkAlloc& alloc, VkDeviceSize size);
void InvalidateMappedAlloc(const GrVkGpu* gpu, const GrVkAlloc& alloc);
class GrVkFreeListAlloc {
GrVkFreeListAlloc(VkDeviceSize size, VkDeviceSize alignment)
: fSize(size)
, fAlignment(alignment)
, fFreeSize(size)
, fLargestBlockSize(size)
, fLargestBlockOffset(0) {
Block* block = fFreeList.addToTail();
block->fOffset = 0;
block->fSize = fSize;
~GrVkFreeListAlloc() {
VkDeviceSize size() const { return fSize; }
VkDeviceSize alignment() const { return fAlignment; }
VkDeviceSize freeSize() const { return fFreeSize; }
VkDeviceSize largestBlockSize() const { return fLargestBlockSize; }
bool unallocated() const { return fSize == fFreeSize; }
bool alloc(VkDeviceSize requestedSize, VkDeviceSize* allocOffset, VkDeviceSize* allocSize);
void free(VkDeviceSize allocOffset, VkDeviceSize allocSize);
void reset() {
fSize = 0;
fAlignment = 0;
fFreeSize = 0;
fLargestBlockSize = 0;
struct Block {
VkDeviceSize fOffset;
VkDeviceSize fSize;
typedef SkTLList<Block, 16> FreeList;
VkDeviceSize fSize;
VkDeviceSize fAlignment;
VkDeviceSize fFreeSize;
VkDeviceSize fLargestBlockSize;
VkDeviceSize fLargestBlockOffset;
FreeList fFreeList;
class GrVkSubHeap : public GrVkFreeListAlloc {
GrVkSubHeap(const GrVkGpu* gpu, uint32_t memoryTypeIndex, uint32_t heapIndex,
VkDeviceSize size, VkDeviceSize alignment);
uint32_t memoryTypeIndex() const { return fMemoryTypeIndex; }
VkDeviceMemory memory() { return fAlloc; }
bool alloc(VkDeviceSize requestedSize, GrVkAlloc* alloc);
void free(const GrVkAlloc& alloc);
const GrVkGpu* fGpu;
#ifdef SK_DEBUG
uint32_t fHeapIndex;
uint32_t fMemoryTypeIndex;
VkDeviceMemory fAlloc;
typedef GrVkFreeListAlloc INHERITED;
class GrVkHeap {
enum Strategy {
kSubAlloc_Strategy, // alloc large subheaps and suballoc within them
kSingleAlloc_Strategy // alloc/recycle an individual subheap per object
GrVkHeap(const GrVkGpu* gpu, Strategy strategy, VkDeviceSize subHeapSize)
: fGpu(gpu)
, fSubHeapSize(subHeapSize)
, fAllocSize(0)
, fUsedSize(0) {
if (strategy == kSubAlloc_Strategy) {
fAllocFunc = &GrVkHeap::subAlloc;
} else {
fAllocFunc = &GrVkHeap::singleAlloc;
~GrVkHeap() {}
VkDeviceSize allocSize() const { return fAllocSize; }
VkDeviceSize usedSize() const { return fUsedSize; }
bool alloc(VkDeviceSize size, VkDeviceSize alignment, uint32_t memoryTypeIndex,
uint32_t heapIndex, GrVkAlloc* alloc) {
SkASSERT(size > 0);
alloc->fUsesSystemHeap = false;
return (*this.*fAllocFunc)(size, alignment, memoryTypeIndex, heapIndex, alloc);
bool free(const GrVkAlloc& alloc);
typedef bool (GrVkHeap::*AllocFunc)(VkDeviceSize size, VkDeviceSize alignment,
uint32_t memoryTypeIndex, uint32_t heapIndex,
GrVkAlloc* alloc);
bool subAlloc(VkDeviceSize size, VkDeviceSize alignment,
uint32_t memoryTypeIndex, uint32_t heapIndex,
GrVkAlloc* alloc);
bool singleAlloc(VkDeviceSize size, VkDeviceSize alignment,
uint32_t memoryTypeIndex, uint32_t heapIndex,
GrVkAlloc* alloc);
const GrVkGpu* fGpu;
VkDeviceSize fSubHeapSize;
VkDeviceSize fAllocSize;
VkDeviceSize fUsedSize;
AllocFunc fAllocFunc;
SkTArray<std::unique_ptr<GrVkSubHeap>> fSubHeaps;