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* Copyright 2018 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrMtlUniformHandler_DEFINED
#define GrMtlUniformHandler_DEFINED
#include "src/gpu/GrShaderVar.h"
#include "src/gpu/GrTBlockList.h"
#include "src/gpu/glsl/GrGLSLUniformHandler.h"
#include <vector>
// TODO: this class is basically copy and pasted from GrVkUniformHandler so that we can have
// some shaders working. The SkSL Metal code generator was written to work with GLSL generated for
// the Ganesh Vulkan backend, so it should all work. There might be better ways to do things in
// Metal and/or some Vulkan GLSLisms left in.
class GrMtlUniformHandler : public GrGLSLUniformHandler {
static const int kUniformsPerBlock = 8;
enum {
kUniformBinding = 0,
kLastUniformBinding = kUniformBinding,
// fUBOffset is only valid if the GrSLType of the fVariable is not a sampler
struct MtlUniformInfo : public UniformInfo {
uint32_t fUBOffset;
typedef GrTBlockList<MtlUniformInfo> UniformInfoArray;
const GrShaderVar& getUniformVariable(UniformHandle u) const override {
return fUniforms.item(u.toIndex()).fVariable;
const char* getUniformCStr(UniformHandle u) const override {
return this->getUniformVariable(u).c_str();
int numUniforms() const override {
return fUniforms.count();
UniformInfo& uniform(int idx) override {
return fUniforms.item(idx);
const UniformInfo& uniform(int idx) const override {
return fUniforms.item(idx);
explicit GrMtlUniformHandler(GrGLSLProgramBuilder* program)
: INHERITED(program)
, fUniforms(kUniformsPerBlock)
, fSamplers(kUniformsPerBlock)
, fCurrentUBOOffset(0)
, fCurrentUBOMaxAlignment(0x0) {
UniformHandle internalAddUniformArray(const GrFragmentProcessor* owner,
uint32_t visibility,
GrSLType type,
const char* name,
bool mangleName,
int arrayCount,
const char** outName) override;
SamplerHandle addSampler(const GrBackendFormat&,
const GrSwizzle&,
const char* name,
const GrShaderCaps*) override;
int numSamplers() const { return fSamplers.count(); }
const char* samplerVariable(SamplerHandle handle) const override {
return fSamplers.item(handle.toIndex()).fVariable.c_str();
GrSwizzle samplerSwizzle(SamplerHandle handle) const override {
return fSamplerSwizzles[handle.toIndex()];
uint32_t samplerVisibility(SamplerHandle handle) const {
return fSamplers.item(handle.toIndex()).fVisibility;
void appendUniformDecls(GrShaderFlags, SkString*) const override;
const UniformInfo& getUniformInfo(UniformHandle u) const {
return fUniforms.item(u.toIndex());
UniformInfoArray fUniforms;
UniformInfoArray fSamplers;
SkTArray<GrSwizzle> fSamplerSwizzles;
uint32_t fCurrentUBOOffset;
uint32_t fCurrentUBOMaxAlignment;
friend class GrMtlPipelineStateBuilder;
using INHERITED = GrGLSLUniformHandler;