more careful isfinite_() checks in skcms_TF_invert()

The fuzzer found a couple non-finite value edge cases:

In one, we end up with inv.a = inf, inv.d = finite, and tweak inv.b to
become -inf.  Then when we assert ad+b >= 0, we calculate inf-inf >= 0,
which is nan >=0, false.  To guard this, check tf_is_valid() after
b-tweak, which will catch any non-finite parameters.

In the other, gamma is large enough that we end up calculating
s = 0.983188629  + 0.951436281) ** 134.4673 == 3.45e38 == NaN
with powf_().  With s = NaN, so is as+b, and the check in powf_()
for x >= 0 fails.  To fix, check isfinite_(s) before using s.

Bug: oss-fuzz:16674, oss-fuzz:16675
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