Compile all fiddle examples locally

Motivation: it would be a good idea if the API documentation examples
were checked into the skia repository, so we could make sure they
compile as part of the commit queue.

Fiddle would make/update a named fiddle each time it gets a new
commit of Skia, extracted from the code in the examples/ directory.
The docs would point at those named fiddles.  Named fiddles have urls
in the form:

Then we would stick a link to the example into the header documentation
like this:

    /** Allocates the pixel memory for the bitmap, given its dimensions
        and SkColorType. Returns true on success, where success means
        either setPixels() or setPixelRef() was called.

        @param bitmap  SkBitmap containing SkImageInfo as input, and
                       SkPixelRef as output
        @return        true if SkPixelRef was allocated

    bool allocPixelRef(SkBitmap* bitmap) override;

There are still around 200 disabled examples that need to be fixed
(these result from API changes since the author left).

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