Make SkCodec more flexible about its required frame

SkCodec sets fRequiredFrame to be the earliest possible frame that a
given frame can depend on. e.g.

- Frame A fills the screen, Keep
- Frame B does not cover A, Keep
- Frame C covers B but not A, and is opaque

Frame C can depend on either A or B. SkCodec already reports that C
depends on A. This CL allows a client of SkCodec to use either A or
B to create C.

Also expose the DisposalMethod. Since any frame between A and C can
be used to create C except for DisposePrevious frames, the client
needs to be able to know the disposal method so they do not try to
use such a frame to create C.

Further, the disposal method can be used to give the client a better
idea whether they will continue to need a frame. (e.g. if frame i is
DisposePrevious and depends on i-1, the client may not want to steal
i-1 to create i, since i+1 may also depend on i-1.)

TODO: Share code for decoding prior frames between GIF and WEBP

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