Switch SkCodec to use skcms

Bug: skia:6839
Bug: skia:8052

Create an skcms_Profile instead of an SkColorSpace when creating an
SkCodec. Eventually we'll move the SkImageInfo (and its SkColorSpace)
entirely to clients (e.g. SkAndroidCodec, SkCodecImageGenerator), but
for now, create it with SkEncodedInfo::makeImageInfo.

Create new SkEncodedInfo::Colors for the special PNG cases that we
want to map to specific SkColorTypes.

- Add ICCProfile, which owns an skcms_ICCProfile
 - FIXME: maybe we should have a single instance for
  SRGB like SkColorSpace?
- Add kXAlpha_Color, for kAlpha_8. Since I'm not longer creating
  an SkImageInfo (at least in SkPngCodec), it needs a way to pass
  this info to the caller.
- Add k565_Color, for the same reason. Matt originally had this in
  https://codereview.chromium.org/2212563003/#ps120001, but didn't
  land that version. I like it though. Mike didn't like the bits
  per component for 565, but it seems like a sensible hack, much
  like the existing one for kAlpha_8
- Add width and height. These were removed for redundancy with
  SkImageInfo, but it makes sense to have them here without it.
- Build the new SkEncodedInfo.cpp
- Remove the constructor with an SkImageInfo. Edit the other one
  to drop width and height (now in SkEncodedInfo) and take a RHS
  reference to SkEncodedInfo
- Create the SkImageInfo from fEncodedInfo (for now)
- Consolidate choosing skcms_AlphaFormat for Transform here
- Call conversionSupported from initializeColorXform, with a new
  parameter for whether there is a color Xform, allowing SkJpegCodec
  and SkHeifCodec to override that method instead of having another
SkBmpCodec (etc)
- Adapt to the changes above
- Create a new SkEncodedInfo w/o profile for the swizzler.
- use the new SkEncodedInfo::Colors rather than a custom SkImageInfo
- Remove SkEncodedInfo from SkDngImage, which doesn't actually need it.
  This is helpful since we don't know all the info yet.
- Rewrite gAdobeRGB_toXYZD50 as an skcms_Matrix3x3
- Remove premul_step computation, and simplify to just rely on
  the base class' handling of applying the transform.
- Add cases for the new SkEncodedInfo::Colors

No public API changes. Only private/public members of SkCodec.h are

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