Refactor and further generalization of particle model

- Collapsed the per-particle data into a single struct, and
  use that to communicate with drawables, too. Let the drawables
  manage allocation of xforms, colors, etc. Helpful for non-atlas
  drawables, and just to keep the effect code simpler.
- Having all of the params in a single struct allows us to move
  the remaining animated behaviors into affectors (color/frame).
- Added SkColorCurve, which works like SkCurve for SkColor4f.
  Use that to create a color affector (rather than simple
  start/end colors in the effect params).
- Also put the stable random in SkParticleState. This is going
  to be necessary if/when we change affectors to operate on all
  particles (rather than one at a time). Still need to move t
  value into the particle struct (or eval it from the lifetime
  params on demand).

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