Roll Skia from 49e12e3ed1b8 to ecf2f622d0b3 (10 revisions)

2024-02-12 SkDynamicMemoryWStream::write: allow malloc to fail
2024-02-12 [skif] Make AutoSurface a member type of FilterResult
2024-02-12 Roll debugger-app-base from 3acd3682009f to be5714074b1a
2024-02-12 Roll skottie-base from 67e2da56aec4 to 30062bca1496
2024-02-12 Roll shaders-base from 45ec924a5da0 to b04a5aef564b
2024-02-12 Roll jsfiddle-base from db3abc597412 to 0ccdb32ff1ca
2024-02-12 WebpEncoder: respect the return value of write()
2024-02-12 Remove Docker tasks from the CQ
2024-02-12 Manual roll Dawn from 37780d217965 to b10254f79f46 (38 revisions)
2024-02-12 [graphite] Make atlas-related recordUploads() calls have same signature.

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