Ensure frame rect is on screen or empty

Bug: b/160984428

There is no reason for a client to need to know that the frame rect
extends beyond the edge of the "canvas"/"screen"/image bounds. A typical
use case is more interested in knowing what part of the original bounds
the frame update occupies.

If the offsets are beyond the image bounds, move them to the
right/bottom edge of the image (and make the width/height 0). This
matches Wuffs.

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libgifcodec is based on a fork of libgif made by Chromium. It was copied into Skia with https://codereview.chromium.org/2045293002, as https://skia.googlesource.com/skia/+/19b91531e912283d237435d94516575b28713cba.

The header file SkGifCodec.h exposes two functions:

  • bool SkGifCodec::IsGif(const void*, size_t);

  • std::unique_ptr<SkCodec> SkGifCodec::MakeFromStream(std::unique_ptr<SkStream>, SkCodec::Result*);

Which can be used by Skia's SkCodec::MakeFromStream to implement GIF Decoding.

See LICENSE.md for the license information.