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ICU Code Tools plugin
Copyright (C) 2010-2014 IBM Corporation and Others. All Rights Reserved.
See license.html for the license file. This file is part of the
ICU project and is under the same license.
Trac (0.11 or 0.12+?)
1. install the plugin - at least the ticketmanager and review portion.
a. There is no source release at this time: I recommend
that you check out this code with svn
and in this directory, run:
"python develop"
b. In trac.ini under '[components]' add: = enabled
icucodetools.ticketmgr.ticketmanager = enabled
NOTE: DCUT and TKTLIST parts are not working yet.
Don't bother to enable them.
2. in your trac.ini describe how your changesets describe a ticket.
Our changesets look like this: "ticket:1234: fixed the broken code"
We use this regex:
ticket_pattern = ^ticket:(\d+)
3. you may need to run trac-admin <environment> upgrade
4. Grant permission of ICUREVIEW_VIEW to whomever you want to
be able to review tickets.
5. Now, any ticket will have something in the top right corner which says:
"No commits" - no commits against this ticket
"Review 1 commits" - there is only one commit. Clicking this link
will just take you to that single changeset.
"Review n commits" - there are more than one commits against this
Q: My commits aren't being found!
A: Check the debug log. It will note commits with unparseable messages
Q: How do I resync the commits?
A: Until we implement trac 0.12 changeset listeners, you can do this:
0. back up your path/to/env/db/trac.db
1. $ sqlite3 path/to/env/db/trac.db
2. sqlite> delete from rev2ticket;
3. sqlite> update system set value='-1' where name='icu_tktmgr_youngest';
4. sqlite> .quit
Now the ticket manager will re-sync the first time you hit a ticket.
See the comments at the top of icucodetools/
note that /path/to/traccheck is the path to the installed "traccheck" script,
not the '' source file.
- See to file or view bugs.