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<!DOCTYPE icuInfo SYSTEM "">
<icuProduct type="icu4j">
<release version="3.2">
<feature type="unicode" version="4.0.1"/>
<feature type="uca" version="4.0"/>
<feature total="230" type="formatting">af af_ZA am am_ET ar ar_AE ar_BH ar_DZ ar_EG ar_IN ar_IQ ar_JO ar_KW ar_LB ar_LY ar_MA ar_OM ar_QA ar_SA ar_SD ar_SY ar_TN ar_YE be be_BY bg bg_BG bn bn_IN ca ca_ES cs cs_CZ cy cy_GB da da_DK de de_AT de_BE de_CH de_DE de_LU el el_GR en en_AU en_BE en_BW en_CA en_GB en_HK en_IE en_IN en_MT en_NZ en_PH en_PK en_SG en_US en_US_POSIX en_VI en_ZA en_ZW eo es es_AR es_BO es_CL es_CO es_CR es_DO es_EC es_ES es_GT es_HN es_MX es_NI es_PA es_PE es_PR es_PY es_SV es_US es_UY es_VE et et_EE eu eu_ES fa fa_AF fa_IR fi fi_FI fo fo_FO fr fr_BE fr_CA fr_CH fr_FR fr_LU ga ga_IE gl gl_ES gu gu_IN gv gv_GB he he_IL hi hi_IN hr hr_HR hu hu_HU hy hy_AM hy_AM_REVISED id id_ID is is_IS it it_CH it_IT ja ja_JP kk kk_KZ kl kl_GL kn kn_IN ko ko_KR kok kok_IN kw kw_GB lt lt_LT lv lv_LV mk mk_MK ml ml_IN mr mr_IN ms ms_BN ms_MY mt mt_MT nb nb_NO nl nl_BE nl_NL nn nn_NO om om_ET om_KE or or_IN pa pa_IN pl pl_PL ps ps_AF pt pt_BR pt_PT ro ro_RO ru ru_RU ru_UA sk sk_SK sl sl_SI so so_DJ so_ET so_KE so_SO sq sq_AL sr sr_Cyrl sr_Cyrl_YU sr_Latn sr_Latn_YU sr_YU sv sv_FI sv_SE sw sw_KE sw_TZ ta ta_IN te te_IN th th_TH ti ti_ER ti_ET tr tr_TR uk uk_UA vi vi_VN zh zh_Hans zh_Hans_CN zh_Hans_SG zh_Hant zh_Hant_HK zh_Hant_MO zh_Hant_TW</feature>
<feature total="62" type="collation">ar be bg ca cs da de el en en_BE eo es et fa fa_AF fi fo fr gu he hi hr hu is it ja kk kl kn ko lt lv mk ml mr mt nb nn om or pa pl ps ro ru sh sk sl sq sr sv ta te th tr uk vi zh zh_HK zh_Hant zh_MO zh_TW</feature>