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# IMPORTANT-when capitalizing iota-subscript (0345)
# It MUST be in normalized form--moved to the end of any sequence of combining marks.
# This is because logically it represents a following base character!
# E.g. <iota_subscript> (<Mn> | <Mc> | <Me>)+ => (<Mn> | <Mc> | <Me>)+ <iota_subscript>
# It should never be the first character in a word, so in titlecasing it can be left as is.
# The following cases are already in the UnicodeData file, so are only commented here.
# 0345; 0345; 0345; 0399; # COMBINING GREEK YPOGEGRAMMENI
# All letters with YPOGEGRAMMENI (iota-subscript) or PROSGEGRAMMENI (iota adscript)
# have special uppercases.
# Note: characters with PROSGEGRAMMENI are actually titlecase, not uppercase!