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* Copyright (c) 1997-2010, International Business Machines Corporation and
* others. All Rights Reserved.
#include "unicode/ucnv.h"
#include "unicode/ucnv_err.h"
#include "cintltst.h"
#include "ustr_cnv.h"
#include <string.h>
void TestDefaultConverterError(void); /* keep gcc happy */
void TestDefaultConverterSet(void); /* keep gcc happy */
/* This makes sure that a converter isn't leaked when an error is passed to
u_getDefaultConverter */
void TestDefaultConverterError(void) {
UErrorCode err = U_ZERO_ERROR;
/* Remove the default converter */
if (U_FAILURE(err)) {
log_err("Didn't expect a failure yet %s\n", myErrorName(err));
/* Set to any radom error state */
if (u_getDefaultConverter(&err) != NULL) {
log_err("Didn't expect to get a converter on a failure\n");
/* Get the default converter. Copy its name. Put it back. */
static void copyDefaultConverterName(char *out, UErrorCode *status) {
UConverter *defConv;
const char *itsName;
if(U_FAILURE(*status)) return;
defConv = u_getDefaultConverter(status);
/* get its name */
itsName = ucnv_getName(defConv, status);
if(U_FAILURE(*status)) return;
strcpy(out, itsName);
/* put it back. */
Changing the default name may not affect the actual name from u_getDefaultConverter
( for example, if UTF-8 is the fixed converter ).
But, if it does cause a change, that change should be reflected when the converter is
set back.
void TestDefaultConverterSet(void) {
UErrorCode status = U_ZERO_ERROR;
static char defaultName[UCNV_MAX_CONVERTER_NAME_LENGTH + 1];
static char nameBeforeSet[UCNV_MAX_CONVERTER_NAME_LENGTH + 1];
static char nameAfterSet[UCNV_MAX_CONVERTER_NAME_LENGTH + 1];
static char nameAfterRestore[UCNV_MAX_CONVERTER_NAME_LENGTH + 1];
static const char SET_TO[]="iso-8859-3";
strcpy(defaultName, ucnv_getDefaultName());
log_verbose("getDefaultName returned %s\n", defaultName);
/* first, flush any extant converter */
copyDefaultConverterName(nameBeforeSet, &status);
log_verbose("name from u_getDefaultConverter() = %s\n", nameBeforeSet);
copyDefaultConverterName(nameAfterSet, &status);
log_verbose("name from u_getDefaultConverter() after set to %s (%s) = %s\n", SET_TO, ucnv_getDefaultName(), nameAfterSet);
copyDefaultConverterName(nameAfterRestore, &status);
log_verbose("name from u_getDefaultConverter() after restore = %s\n", nameAfterRestore);
if(U_FAILURE(status)) {
log_err("Error in test: %s\n", u_errorName(status));
} else {
if(!strcmp(nameBeforeSet, nameAfterSet)) { /* changing the default didn't affect. */
log_info("Skipping test: ucnv_setDefaultName() did not affect actual name of %s\n", nameBeforeSet);
} else {
if(strcmp(nameBeforeSet, nameAfterRestore)) {
log_err("Error: u_getDefaultConverter() is still returning %s (expected %s) even though default converter was set back to %s (was %s)\n", nameAfterRestore, nameBeforeSet, defaultName , SET_TO);
} else {
log_verbose("Test passed. \n");