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# Copyright (c) 1999-2001, International Business Machines
# Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.
# Date: Tue Jan 23 12:42:08 2001
# UnicodeName-UnicodeChar
'account of%'>℀
'addressed to the subject%'>℁
'adi shakti%'>☬
'all equal to%'>≌
'almost equal or equal to%'>≊
'almost equal to%'>≈
'angstrom unit%'>Å
'anticlockwise contour integral%'>∳
'anticlockwise open circle arrow%'>↺
'anticlockwise top semicircle arrow%'>↶
'apl compose operator%'>⌀
'apl out%'>⌁
'apple logo%'>
'approaches the limit%'>≐
'approximately but not actually equal to%'>≆
'approximately equal to or the image of%'>≒
'approximately equal to%'>≅
'ascending node%'>☊
'asterisk operator%'>∗
'asymptotically equal to%'>≃
'back-tilted shadowed white right arrow%'>➫
'balloon-spoked asterisk%'>❉
'ballot box with check%'>☑
'ballot box with x%'>☒
'ballot box%'>☐
'ballot x%'>✘
'barred eighth notes%'>♫
'barred sixteenth notes%'>♬
'benzene ring%'>⌬
'black center white star%'>✬
'black chess bishop%'>♝
'black chess king%'>♚
'black chess knight%'>♞
'black chess pawn%'>♟
'black chess queen%'>♛
'black chess rook%'>♜
'black circle%'>●
'black club suit%'>♣
'black diamond minus white x%'>❖
'black diamond suit%'>♦
'black diamond%'>◆
'black down pointing small triangle%'>▾
'black down pointing triangle%'>▼
'black florette%'>✿
'black four pointed star%'>✦
'black heart suit%'>♥
'black left pointing index%'>☚
'black left pointing pointer%'>◄
'black left pointing small triangle%'>◂
'black left pointing triangle%'>◀
'black lower left triangle%'>◣
'black lower right triangle%'>◢
'black nib%'>✒
'black parallelogram%'>▰
'black rectangle%'>▬
'black right arrow%'>➡
'black right arrowhead%'>➤
'black right pointing index%'>☛
'black right pointing pointer%'>►
'black right pointing small triangle%'>▸
'black right pointing triangle%'>▶
'black scissors%'>✂
'black small square%'>▪
'black smiling face%'>☻
'black spade suit%'>♠
'black square%'>■
'black star%'>★
'black sun with rays%'>☀
'black telephone%'>☎
'black up pointing small triangle%'>▴
'black up pointing triangle%'>▲
'black upper left triangle%'>◤
'black upper right triangle%'>◥
'black vertical rectangle%'>▮
'black-feathered lower right arrow%'>➴
'black-feathered right arrow%'>➵
'black-feathered upper right arrow%'>➶
'black-letter c%'>ℭ
'black-letter h%'>ℌ
'black-letter i%'>ℑ
'black-letter r%'>ℜ
'black-letter z%'>ℨ
'bottom half integral%'>⌡
'bottom left corner%'>⌞
'bottom left crop%'>⌍
'bottom right corner%'>⌟
'bottom right crop%'>⌌
'broken vertical bar%'
'bullet operator%'>∙
'c l symbol%'>℄
'cada una%'>℆
'care of%'>℅
'caret insertion point%'>⁁
'caution sign%'>☡
'cent sign%'
'character tie%'>⁀
'check mark%'>✓
'chi rho%'>☧
'circle with all but upper left quadrant black%'>◕
'circle with left half black%'>◐
'circle with lower half black%'>◒
'circle with right half black%'>◑
'circle with upper half black%'>◓
'circle with upper right quadrant black%'>◔
'circle with vertical fill%'>◍
'circled asterisk operator%'>⊛
'circled dash%'>⊝
'circled digit eight%'>⑧
'circled digit five%'>⑤
'circled digit four%'>④
'circled digit nine%'>⑨
'circled digit one%'>①
'circled digit seven%'>⑦
'circled digit six%'>⑥
'circled digit three%'>③
'circled digit two%'>②
'circled digit zero%'>⓪
'circled division slash%'>⊘
'circled dot operator%'>⊙
'circled equals%'>⊜
'circled heavy white right arrow%'>➲
'circled latin capital letter a%'>Ⓐ
'circled latin capital letter b%'>Ⓑ
'circled latin capital letter c%'>Ⓒ
'circled latin capital letter d%'>Ⓓ
'circled latin capital letter e%'>Ⓔ
'circled latin capital letter f%'>Ⓕ
'circled latin capital letter g%'>Ⓖ
'circled latin capital letter h%'>Ⓗ
'circled latin capital letter i%'>Ⓘ
'circled latin capital letter j%'>Ⓙ
'circled latin capital letter k%'>Ⓚ
'circled latin capital letter l%'>Ⓛ
'circled latin capital letter m%'>Ⓜ
'circled latin capital letter n%'>Ⓝ
'circled latin capital letter o%'>Ⓞ
'circled latin capital letter p%'>Ⓟ
'circled latin capital letter q%'>Ⓠ
'circled latin capital letter r%'>Ⓡ
'circled latin capital letter s%'>Ⓢ
'circled latin capital letter t%'>Ⓣ
'circled latin capital letter u%'>Ⓤ
'circled latin capital letter v%'>Ⓥ
'circled latin capital letter w%'>Ⓦ
'circled latin capital letter x%'>Ⓧ
'circled latin capital letter y%'>Ⓨ
'circled latin capital letter z%'>Ⓩ
'circled latin small letter a%'>ⓐ
'circled latin small letter b%'>ⓑ
'circled latin small letter c%'>ⓒ
'circled latin small letter d%'>ⓓ
'circled latin small letter e%'>ⓔ
'circled latin small letter f%'>ⓕ
'circled latin small letter g%'>ⓖ
'circled latin small letter h%'>ⓗ
'circled latin small letter i%'>ⓘ
'circled latin small letter j%'>ⓙ
'circled latin small letter k%'>ⓚ
'circled latin small letter l%'>ⓛ
'circled latin small letter m%'>ⓜ
'circled latin small letter n%'>ⓝ
'circled latin small letter o%'>ⓞ
'circled latin small letter p%'>ⓟ
'circled latin small letter q%'>ⓠ
'circled latin small letter r%'>ⓡ
'circled latin small letter s%'>ⓢ
'circled latin small letter t%'>ⓣ
'circled latin small letter u%'>ⓤ
'circled latin small letter v%'>ⓥ
'circled latin small letter w%'>ⓦ
'circled latin small letter x%'>ⓧ
'circled latin small letter y%'>ⓨ
'circled latin small letter z%'>ⓩ
'circled minus%'>⊖
'circled number eighteen%'>⑱
'circled number eleven%'>⑪
'circled number fifteen%'>⑮
'circled number fourteen%'>⑭
'circled number nineteen%'>⑲
'circled number seventeen%'>⑰
'circled number sixteen%'>⑯
'circled number ten%'>⑩
'circled number thirteen%'>⑬
'circled number twelve%'>⑫
'circled number twenty%'>⑳
'circled open center eight pointed star%'>❂
'circled plus%'>⊕
'circled postal mark%'>〶
'circled ring operator%'>⊚
'circled sans serif digit eight%'>➇
'circled sans serif digit five%'>➄
'circled sans serif digit four%'>➃
'circled sans serif digit nine%'>➈
'circled sans serif digit one%'>➀
'circled sans serif digit seven%'>➆
'circled sans serif digit six%'>➅
'circled sans serif digit three%'>➂
'circled sans serif digit two%'>➁
'circled sans serif number ten%'>➉
'circled times%'>⊗
'circled white star%'>✪
'clear key%'>⌧
'clockwise contour integral%'>∲
'clockwise integral%'>∱
'clockwise open circle arrow%'>↻
'clockwise top semicircle arrow%'>↷
'closing angle bracket%'>〉
'closing black lenticular bracket%'>】
'closing corner bracket%'>」
'closing double angle bracket%'>》
'closing tortoise shell bracket%'>〕
'closing white corner bracket%'>』
'closing white lenticular bracket%'>〗
'closing white square bracket%'>〛
'closing white tortoise shell bracket%'>〙
'colon equal%'>≔
'colon sign%'>₡
'command key%'>⌘
'contains as member%'>∋
'contains as normal subgroup or equal to%'>⊵
'contains as normal subgroup%'>⊳
'contour integral%'>∮
'copyright sign%'
'corresponds to%'>≘
'cross of jerusalem%'>☩
'cross of lorraine%'>☨
'cruzeiro sign%'>₢
'cube root%'>∛
'curly logical and%'>⋏
'curly logical or%'>⋎
'currency sign%'
'curved stem paragraph sign ornament%'>❡
'dark shade%'>▓
'dashed triangle-headed right arrow%'>➟
'degree sign%'
'degrees centigrade%'>℃
'degrees fahrenheit%'>℉
'degrees kelvin%'>K
'delete to the left key%'>⌫
'delete to the right key%'>⌦
'delta equal to%'>≜
'descending node%'>☋
'diamond operator%'>⋄
'difference between%'>≏
'digit eight period%'>⒏
'digit five period%'>⒌
'digit four period%'>⒋
'digit nine period%'>⒐
'digit one period%'>⒈
'digit seven period%'>⒎
'digit six period%'>⒍
'digit three period%'>⒊
'digit two period%'>⒉
'ditto mark%'>〃
'division sign%'
'division slash%'>∕
'division times%'>⋇
'does not contain as member%'>∌
'does not contain as normal subgroup or equal%'>⋭
'does not contain as normal subgroup%'>⋫
'does not divide%'>∤
'does not force%'>⊮
'does not precede or equal%'>⋠
'does not precede%'>⊀
'does not prove%'>⊬
'does not succeed or equal%'>⋡
'does not succeed%'>⊁
'dot minus%'>∸
'dot operator%'>⋅
'dot plus%'>∔
'dotted circle%'>◌
'double comma quotation mark%'>”
'double dagger%'>‡
'double exclamation mark%'>‼
'double hyphen%'>‿
'double integral%'>∬
'double intersection%'>⋒
'double prime quotation mark%'>〞
'double prime%'>″
'double reversed comma quotation mark%'>‟
'double subset%'>⋐
'double superset%'>⋑
'double turned comma quotation mark%'>“
'double union%'>⋓
'double vertical bar double right turnstile%'>⊫
'double vertical bar%'>‖
'double-struck c%'>ℂ
'double-struck h%'>ℍ
'double-struck n%'>ℕ
'double-struck p%'>ℙ
'double-struck q%'>ℚ
'double-struck r%'>ℝ
'double-struck z%'>ℤ
'down arrow from bar%'>↧
'down arrow with corner left%'>↵
'down arrow with double stroke%'>⇟
'down arrow with tip left%'>↲
'down arrow with tip right%'>↳
'down arrow%'>↓
'down arrowhead%'>⌄
'down dashed arrow%'>⇣
'down double arrow%'>⇓
'down harpoon with barb left%'>⇃
'down harpoon with barb right%'>⇂
'down paired arrows%'>⇊
'down right diagonal ellipsis%'>⋱
'down tack%'>⊤
'down two headed arrow%'>↡
'down zigzag arrow%'>↯
'drafting point right arrow%'>➛
'eight petalled outlined black florette%'>❁
'eight pointed black star%'>✴
'eight pointed pinwheel star%'>✵
'eight pointed rectilinear black star%'>✷
'eight spoked asterisk%'>✳
'eight teardrop-spoked propeller asterisk%'>❊
'eighth note%'>♪
'element of%'>∈
'small element of%'>∊
'element precedes under relation%'>⊰
'element succeeds under relation%'>⊱
'em dash%'>—
'em quad%'> 
'em space%'> 
'empty set%'>∅
'en dash%'>–
'en quad%'> 
'en space%'> 
'enclosing circle slash%'>⃠
'enclosing circle%'>⃝
'enclosing diamond%'>⃟
'enclosing square%'>⃞
'end of proof%'>∎
'enter key%'>⌤
'equal and parallel to%'>⋕
'equal colon%'>≕
'equal to by definition%'>≝
'equal to or greater than%'>⋝
'equal to or less than%'>⋜
'equal to or precedes%'>⋞
'equal to or succeeds%'>⋟
'equiangular to%'>≚
'equivalent to%'>≍
'euro-currency sign%'>₠
'european standard packaging%'>℮
'female sign%'>♀
'feminine ordinal indicator%'
'figure dash%'>‒
'figure space%'> 
'first quarter moon%'>☽
'first transfinite cardinal%'>ℵ
'floral heart%'>❦
'for all%'>∀
'forms double down and horizontal%'>╦
'forms double down and left%'>╗
'forms double down and right%'>╔
'forms double horizontal%'>═
'forms double up and horizontal%'>╩
'forms double up and left%'>╝
'forms double up and right%'>╚
'forms double vertical and horizontal%'>╬
'forms double vertical and left%'>╣
'forms double vertical and right%'>╠
'forms double vertical%'>║
'forms down double and horizontal single%'>╥
'forms down double and left single%'>╖
'forms down double and right single%'>╓
'forms down heavy and horizontal light%'>┰
'forms down heavy and left light%'>┒
'forms down heavy and left up light%'>┧
'forms down heavy and right light%'>┎
'forms down heavy and right up light%'>┟
'forms down heavy and up horizontal light%'>╁
'forms down light and horizontal heavy%'>┯
'forms down light and left heavy%'>┑
'forms down light and left up heavy%'>┩
'forms down light and right heavy%'>┍
'forms down light and right up heavy%'>┡
'forms down light and up horizontal heavy%'>╇
'forms down single and horizontal double%'>╤
'forms down single and left double%'>╕
'forms down single and right double%'>╒
'forms heavy double dash horizontal%'>╍
'forms heavy double dash vertical%'>╏
'forms heavy down and horizontal%'>┳
'forms heavy down and left%'>┓
'forms heavy down and right%'>┏
'forms heavy down%'>╻
'forms heavy horizontal%'>━
'forms heavy left and light right%'>╾
'forms heavy left%'>╸
'forms heavy quadruple dash horizontal%'>┉
'forms heavy quadruple dash vertical%'>┋
'forms heavy right%'>╺
'forms heavy triple dash horizontal%'>┅
'forms heavy triple dash vertical%'>┇
'forms heavy up and horizontal%'>┻
'forms heavy up and left%'>┛
'forms heavy up and light down%'>╿
'forms heavy up and right%'>┗
'forms heavy up%'>╹
'forms heavy vertical and horizontal%'>╋
'forms heavy vertical and left%'>┫
'forms heavy vertical and right%'>┣
'forms heavy vertical%'>┃
'forms left down heavy and right up light%'>╅
'forms left heavy and right down light%'>┭
'forms left heavy and right up light%'>┵
'forms left heavy and right vertical light%'>┽
'forms left lighand right down heavy%'>┲
'forms left light and right down heavy%'>┲
'forms left light and right up heavy%'>┺
'forms left light and right vertical heavy%'>╊
'forms left up heavy and right down light%'>╃
'forms light arc down and left%'>╮
'forms light arc down and right%'>╭
'forms light arc up and left%'>╯
'forms light arc up and right%'>╰
'forms light diagonal cross%'>╳
'forms light diagonal upper left to lower right%'>╲
'forms light diagonal upper right to lower left%'>╱
'forms light double dash horizontal%'>╌
'forms light double dash vertical%'>╎
'forms light down and horizontal%'>┬
'forms light down and left%'>┐
'forms light down and right%'>┌
'forms light down%'>╷
'forms light horizontal%'>─
'forms light left and heavy right%'>╼
'forms light left%'>╴
'forms light quadruple dash horizontal%'>┈
'forms light quadruple dash vertical%'>┊
'forms light right%'>╶
'forms light triple dash horizontal%'>┄
'forms light triple dash vertical%'>┆
'forms light up and heavy down%'>╽
'forms light up and horizontal%'>┴
'forms light up and left%'>┘
'forms light up and right%'>└
'forms light up%'>╵
'forms light vertical and horizontal%'>┼
'forms light vertical and left%'>┤
'forms light vertical and right%'>├
'forms light vertical%'>│
'forms right down heavy and left up light%'>╆
'forms right heavy and left down light%'>┮
'forms right heavy and left up light%'>┶
'forms right heavy and left vertical light%'>┾
'forms right light and left down heavy%'>┱
'forms right light and left up heavy%'>┹
'forms right light and left vertical heavy%'>╉
'forms right up heavy and left down light%'>╄
'forms up double and horizontal single%'>╨
'forms up double and left single%'>╜
'forms up double and right single%'>╙
'forms up heavy and down horizontal light%'>╀
'forms up heavy and horizontal light%'>┸
'forms up heavy and left down light%'>┦
'forms up heavy and left light%'>┚
'forms up heavy and right down light%'>┞
'forms up heavy and right light%'>┖
'forms up light and down horizontal heavy%'>╈
'forms up light and horizontal heavy%'>┷
'forms up light and left down heavy%'>┪
'forms up light and left heavy%'>┙
'forms up light and right down heavy%'>┢
'forms up light and right heavy%'>┕
'forms up single and horizontal double%'>╧
'forms up single and left double%'>╛
'forms up single and right double%'>╘
'forms vertical double and horizontal single%'>╫
'forms vertical double and left single%'>╢
'forms vertical double and right single%'>╟
'forms vertical heavy and horizontal light%'>╂
'forms vertical heavy and left light%'>┨
'forms vertical heavy and right light%'>┠
'forms vertical light and horizontal heavy%'>┿
'forms vertical light and left heavy%'>┥
'forms vertical light and right heavy%'>┝
'forms vertical single and horizontal double%'>╪
'forms vertical single and left double%'>╡
'forms vertical single and right double%'>╞
'four balloon-spoked asterisk%'>✣
'four club-spoked asterisk%'>✥
'four teardrop-spoked asterisk%'>✢
'four-per-em space%'> 
'fourth root%'>∜
'fourth transfinite cardinal%'>ℸ
'fraction five eighths%'>⅝
'fraction five sixths%'>⅚
'fraction four fifths%'>⅘
'fraction numerator one%'>⅟
'fraction one eighth%'>⅛
'fraction one fifth%'>⅕
'fraction one half%'
'fraction one quarter%'
'fraction one sixth%'>⅙
'fraction one third%'>⅓
'fraction seven eighths%'>⅞
'fraction slash%'>⁄
'fraction three eighths%'>⅜
'fraction three fifths%'>⅗
'fraction three quarters%'
'fraction two fifths%'>⅖
'fraction two thirds%'>⅔
'french franc sign%'>₣
'front-tilted shadowed white right arrow%'>➬
'full block%'>█
'geometric proportion%'>∺
'geometrically equal to%'>≑
'geometrically equivalent to%'>≎
'geta mark%'>〓
'graphic for acknowledge%'>␆
'graphic for backspace%'>␈
'graphic for bell%'>␇
'graphic for cancel%'>␘
'graphic for carriage return%'>␍
'graphic for data link escape%'>␐
'graphic for delete%'>␡
'graphic for device control four%'>␔
'graphic for device control one%'>␑
'graphic for device control three%'>␓
'graphic for device control two%'>␒
'graphic for end of medium%'>␙
'graphic for end of text%'>␃
'graphic for end of transmission block%'>␗
'graphic for end of transmission%'>␄
'graphic for enquiry%'>␅
'graphic for escape%'>␛
'graphic for file separator%'>␜
'graphic for form feed%'>␌
'graphic for group separator%'>␝
'graphic for horizontal tabulation%'>␉
'graphic for line feed%'>␊
'graphic for negative acknowledge%'>␕
'graphic for newline%'>␤
'graphic for null%'>␀
'graphic for record separator%'>␞
'graphic for shift in%'>␏
'graphic for shift out%'>␎
'graphic for space%'>␠
'graphic for start of heading%'>␁
'graphic for start of text%'>␂
'graphic for substitute%'>␚
'graphic for synchronous idle%'>␖
'graphic for unit separator%'>␟
'graphic for vertical tabulation%'>␋
'greater than but not equal to%'>≩
'greater than but not equivalent to%'>⋧
'greater than equal to or less than%'>⋛
'greater than or equal to%'>≥
'greater than or equivalent to%'>≳
'greater than or less than%'>≷
'greater than over equal to%'>≧
'greater than with dot%'>⋗
'hair space%'> 
'hammer and sickle%'>☭
'hangul double dot tone mark%'>〯
'hangul single dot tone mark%'>〮
'hangzhou numeral eight%'>〨
'hangzhou numeral five%'>〥
'hangzhou numeral four%'>〤
'hangzhou numeral nine%'>〩
'hangzhou numeral one%'>〡
'hangzhou numeral seven%'>〧
'hangzhou numeral six%'>〦
'hangzhou numeral three%'>〣
'hangzhou numeral two%'>〢
'heavy asterisk%'>✱
'heavy black curved down and right arrow%'>➥
'heavy black curved up and right arrow%'>➦
'heavy black heart%'>❤
'heavy black-feathered lower right arrow%'>➷
'heavy black-feathered right arrow%'>➸
'heavy black-feathered upper right arrow%'>➹
'heavy check mark%'>✔
'heavy chevron snowflake%'>❆
'heavy concave-pointed black right arrow%'>➨
'heavy dashed triangle-headed right arrow%'>➠
'heavy double comma quotation mark ornament%'>❞
'heavy double turned comma quotation mark ornament%'>❝
'heavy eight pointed rectilinear black star%'>✸
'heavy eight teardrop-spoked propeller asterisk%'>❋
'heavy exclamation mark ornament%'>❢
'heavy four balloon-spoked asterisk%'>✤
'heavy greek cross%'>✚
'heavy heart exclamation mark ornament%'>❣
'heavy lower right arrow%'>➘
'heavy lower right-shadowed white right arrow%'>➭
'heavy multiplication x%'>✖
'heavy open center cross%'>✜
'heavy outlined black star%'>✮
'heavy right arrow%'>➙
'heavy round-tipped right arrow%'>➜
'heavy single comma quotation mark ornament%'>❜
'heavy single turned comma quotation mark ornament%'>❛
'heavy sparkle%'>❈
'heavy teardrop-shanked right arrow%'>➻
'heavy teardrop-spoked asterisk%'>✽
'heavy teardrop-spoked pinwheel asterisk%'>❃
'heavy triangle-headed right arrow%'>➞
'heavy upper right arrow%'>➚
'heavy upper right-shadowed white right arrow%'>➮
'heavy vertical bar%'>❚
'heavy wedge-tailed right arrow%'>➽
'heavy wide-headed right arrow%'>➔
'hermitian conjugate matrix%'>⊹
'horizontal ellipsis%'>…
'hot springs%'>♨
'hyphen bullet%'>⁃
'hyphenation point%'>‧
'identical to%'>≡
'ideographic closing mark%'>〆
'ideographic comma%'>、
'ideographic departing tone mark%'>〬
'ideographic ditto mark%'>〄
'ideographic entering tone mark%'>〭
'ideographic half fill space%'>〿
'ideographic iteration mark%'>々
'ideographic level tone mark%'>〪
'ideographic number zero%'>〇
'ideographic period%'>。
'ideographic rising tone mark%'>〫
'ideographic space%'> 
'image of or approximately equal to%'>≓
'image of%'>⊷
'inverse bullet%'>◘
'inverse circled digit eight%'>❽
'inverse circled digit five%'>❺
'inverse circled digit four%'>❹
'inverse circled digit nine%'>❾
'inverse circled digit one%'>❶
'inverse circled digit seven%'>❼
'inverse circled digit six%'>❻
'inverse circled digit three%'>❸
'inverse circled digit two%'>❷
'inverse circled number ten%'>❿
'inverse circled sans serif digit eight%'>➑
'inverse circled sans serif digit five%'>➎
'inverse circled sans serif digit four%'>➍
'inverse circled sans serif digit nine%'>➒
'inverse circled sans serif digit one%'>➊
'inverse circled sans serif digit seven%'>➐
'inverse circled sans serif digit six%'>➏
'inverse circled sans serif digit three%'>➌
'inverse circled sans serif digit two%'>➋
'inverse circled sans serif number ten%'>➓
'inverse white circle%'>◙
'inverted exclamation mark%'
'inverted lazy s%'>∾
'inverted question mark%'>¿
'l b bar symbol%'>℔
'last quarter moon%'>☾
'latin cross%'>✝
'left arrow from bar%'>↤
'left arrow over right arrow%'>⇆
'left arrow to bar over right arrow to bar%'>↹
'left arrow to bar%'>⇤
'left arrow with hook%'>↩
'left arrow with loop%'>↫
'left arrow with stroke%'>↚
'left arrow with tail%'>↢
'left arrow%'>←
'left ceiling%'>⌈
'left dashed arrow%'>⇠
'left double arrow with stroke%'>⇍
'left double arrow%'>⇐
'left five eighths block%'>▋
'left floor%'>⌊
'left half black circle%'>◖
'left half block%'>▌
'left harpoon over right harpoon%'>⇋
'left harpoon with barb down%'>↽
'left harpoon with barb up%'>↼
'left normal factor semidirect product%'>⋉
'left one eighth block%'>▏
'left one quarter block%'>▎
'left paired arrows%'>⇇
'left pointing guillemet%'
'left pointing single guillemet%'>‹
'left right arrow with stroke%'>↮
'left right arrow%'>↔
'left right double arrow with stroke%'>⇎
'left right double arrow%'>⇔
'left right wave arrow%'>↭
'left semidirect product%'>⋋
'left seven eighths block%'>▉
'left squiggle arrow%'>⇜
'left tack%'>⊣
'left three eighths block%'>▍
'left three quarter block%'>▊
'left triple arrow%'>⇚
'left two headed arrow%'>↞
'left wave arrow%'>↜
'left-shaded white right arrow%'>➪
'left-to-right embedding%'>‪
'left-to-right mark%'>‎
'left-to-right override%'>‭
'less than but not equal to%'>≨
'less than but not equivalent to%'>⋦
'less than equal to or greater than%'>⋚
'less than or equal to%'>≤
'less than or equivalent to%'>≲
'less than or greater than%'>≶
'less than over equal to%'>≦
'less than with dot%'>⋖
'light shade%'>░
'light vertical bar%'>❘
'line separator%'>

'lira sign%'>₤
'logical and%'>∧
'logical or%'>∨
'low double comma quotation mark%'>„
'low double prime quotation mark%'>〟
'low single comma quotation mark%'>‚
'lower blade scissors%'>✃
'lower five eighths block%'>▅
'lower half block%'>▄
'lower half circle%'>◡
'lower half inverse white circle%'>◛
'lower left arrow%'>↙
'lower left double arrow%'>⇙
'lower left quadrant circular arc%'>◟
'lower one eighth block%'>▁
'lower one quarter block%'>▂
'lower right arrow%'>↘
'lower right double arrow%'>⇘
'lower right drop-shadowed white square%'>❏
'lower right pencil%'>✎
'lower right quadrant circular arc%'>◞
'lower right shadowed white square%'>❑
'lower seven eighths block%'>▇
'lower three eighths block%'>▃
'lower three quarter block%'>▆
'male sign%'>♂
'maltese cross%'>✠
'masculine ordinal indicator%'
'measured angle%'>∡
'measured by%'>≞
'medium shade%'>▒
'medium vertical bar%'>❙
'micro sign%'
'middle dot%'
'midline horizontal ellipsis%'>⋯
'mill sign%'>₥
'minus sign%'>−
'minus tilde%'>≂
'minus-or-plus sign%'>∓
'modifier letter acute%'
'modifier letter apostrophe%'
'modifier letter centered left half ring%'
'modifier letter centered right half ring%'
'modifier letter circumflex%'
'modifier letter double prime%'
'modifier letter down arrowhead%'
'modifier letter down tack%'
'modifier letter extra-high tone bar%'
'modifier letter extra-low tone bar%'
'modifier letter glottal stop%'
'modifier letter grave%'
'modifier letter hacek%'
'modifier letter half triangular colon%'
'modifier letter high tone bar%'
'modifier letter left arrowhead%'
'modifier letter left half ring%'>ʿ
'modifier letter low acute%'
'modifier letter low grave%'
'modifier letter low macron%'
'modifier letter low tone bar%'
'modifier letter low vertical line%'
'modifier letter macron%'
'modifier letter mid tone bar%'
'modifier letter minus sign%'
'modifier letter plus sign%'
'modifier letter prime%'
'modifier letter reversed comma%'
'modifier letter reversed glottal stop%'
'modifier letter rhotic hook%'
'modifier letter right arrowhead%'
'modifier letter right half ring%'
'modifier letter small capital inverted r%'
'modifier letter small gamma%'
'modifier letter small h hook%'
'modifier letter small h%'
'modifier letter small j%'
'modifier letter small l%'
'modifier letter small r%'
'modifier letter small reversed glottal stop%'
'modifier letter small s%'
'modifier letter small turned r hook%'
'modifier letter small turned r%'
'modifier letter small w%'
'modifier letter small x%'
'modifier letter small y%'
'modifier letter triangular colon%'
'modifier letter turned comma%'
'modifier letter up arrowhead%'
'modifier letter up tack%'
'modifier letter vertical line%'
'much greater than%'>≫
'much less than%'>≪
'multiplication sign%'
'multiplication x%'>✕
'multiset multiplication%'>⊍
'multiset union%'>⊎
'n-ary coproduct%'>∐
'n-ary intersection%'>⋂
'n-ary logical and%'>⋀
'n-ary logical or%'>⋁
'n-ary product%'>∏
'n-ary summation%'>∑
'n-ary union%'>⋃
'naira sign%'>₦
'negated double vertical bar double right turnstile%'>⊯
'neither a subset of nor equal to%'>⊈
'neither a superset of nor equal to%'>⊉
'neither approximately nor actually equal to%'>≇
'neither greater than nor equal to%'>≱
'neither greater than nor equivalent to%'>≵
'neither greater than nor less than%'>≹
'neither less than nor equal to%'>≰
'neither less than nor equivalent to%'>≴
'neither less than nor greater than%'>≸
'new sheqel sign%'>₪
'non-breaking hyphen%'>‑
'non-breaking space%'
'non-spacing acute below%'
'non-spacing acute tone mark%'
'non-spacing acute%'
'non-spacing anticlockwise arrow above%'>⃔
'non-spacing anticlockwise ring overlay%'>⃚
'non-spacing breve below%'
'non-spacing breve%'
'non-spacing bridge below%'
'non-spacing candrabindu%'
'non-spacing cedilla%'
'non-spacing centerline overscore%'
'non-spacing centerline underscore%'
'non-spacing circumflex below%'
'non-spacing circumflex%'
'non-spacing clockwise arrow above%'>⃕
'non-spacing clockwise ring overlay%'>⃙
'non-spacing comma above right%'
'non-spacing comma above%'
'non-spacing comma below%'
'non-spacing dashed overscore%'
'non-spacing dashed underscore%'
'non-spacing diaeresis%'
'non-spacing dot above%'
'non-spacing dot below%'
'non-spacing double acute%'
'non-spacing double dot below%'
'non-spacing double grave%'
'non-spacing double overscore%'>̿
'non-spacing double underscore%'
'non-spacing double vertical line above%'
'non-spacing double wavy overscore%'
'non-spacing down tack below%'
'non-spacing four dots above%'>⃜
'non-spacing grave below%'
'non-spacing grave tone mark%'
'non-spacing grave%'
'non-spacing hacek below%'
'non-spacing hacek%'
'non-spacing hook above%'
'non-spacing horn%'
'non-spacing inverted breve below%'
'non-spacing inverted breve%'
'non-spacing inverted bridge below%'
'non-spacing inverted double arch below%'
'non-spacing left angle above%'
'non-spacing left arrow above%'>⃖
'non-spacing left half ring below%'
'non-spacing left harpoon above%'>⃐
'non-spacing left right arrow above%'>⃡
'non-spacing left tack below%'
'non-spacing long bar overlay%'
'non-spacing long slash overlay%'
'non-spacing long vertical bar overlay%'>⃒
'non-spacing macron below%'
'non-spacing macron%'
'non-spacing minus sign below%'
'non-spacing ogonek%'
'non-spacing overscore%'
'non-spacing palatalized hook below%'
'non-spacing plus sign below%'
'non-spacing retroflex hook below%'
'non-spacing reversed comma above%'
'non-spacing right arrow above%'>⃗
'non-spacing right half ring below%'
'non-spacing right harpoon above%'>⃑
'non-spacing right tack below%'
'non-spacing ring above%'
'non-spacing ring below%'
'non-spacing ring overlay%'>⃘
'non-spacing seagull below%'
'non-spacing short bar overlay%'
'non-spacing short slash overlay%'
'non-spacing short vertical bar overlay%'>⃓
'non-spacing square below%'
'non-spacing three dots above%'>⃛
'non-spacing tilde below%'
'non-spacing tilde overlay%'
'non-spacing tilde%'
'non-spacing turned comma above%'
'non-spacing underscore%'
'non-spacing up tack below%'
'non-spacing vertical line above%'
'non-spacing vertical line below%'
'non-spacing vertical tilde%'
'non-spacing wavy overscore%'
'non-spacing wavy underscore%'
'non-spacing x above%'
'normal subgroup of or equal to%'>⊴
'normal subgroup of%'>⊲
'not a subset of%'>⊄
'not a superset of%'>⊅
'not almost equal to%'>≉
'not an element of%'>∉
'not asymptotically equal to%'>≄
'not equal to%'>≠
'not equivalent to%'>≭
'not greater than%'>≯
'not identical to%'>≢
'not less than%'>≮
'not normal subgroup of or equal to%'>⋬
'not normal subgroup of%'>⋪
'not parallel to%'>∦
'not sign%'
'not square image of or equal to%'>⋢
'not square original of or equal to%'>⋣
'not tilde%'>≁
'not true%'>⊭
'notched lower right-shadowed white right arrow%'>➯
'notched upper right-shadowed white right arrow%'>➱
'number eighteen period%'>⒙
'number eleven period%'>⒒
'number fifteen period%'>⒖
'number fourteen period%'>⒕
'number nineteen period%'>⒚
'number seventeen period%'>⒘
'number sixteen period%'>⒗
'number ten period%'>⒑
'number thirteen period%'>⒔
'number twelve period%'>⒓
'number twenty period%'>⒛
'ocr amount of check%'>⑇
'ocr belt buckle%'>⑄
'ocr bow tie%'>⑅
'ocr branch bank identification%'>⑆
'ocr chair%'>⑁
'ocr customer account number%'>⑉
'ocr dash%'>⑈
'ocr double backslash%'>⑊
'ocr fork%'>⑂
'ocr hook%'>⑀
'ocr inverted fork%'>⑃
'one dot leader%'>․
'open box%'>␣
'open center asterisk%'>✲
'open center black star%'>✫
'open center cross%'>✛
'open center teardrop-spoked asterisk%'>✼
'open-outlined right arrow%'>➾
'opening angle bracket%'>〈
'opening black lenticular bracket%'>【
'opening corner bracket%'>「
'opening double angle bracket%'>《
'opening tortoise shell bracket%'>〔
'opening white corner bracket%'>『
'opening white lenticular bracket%'>〖
'opening white square bracket%'>〚
'opening white tortoise shell bracket%'>〘
'option key%'>⌥
'original of%'>⊶
'orthodox cross%'>☦
'outlined black star%'>✭
'outlined greek cross%'>✙
'outlined latin cross%'>✟
'paragraph separator%'>

'paragraph sign%'
'parallel to%'>∥
'parenthesized digit eight%'>⑻
'parenthesized digit five%'>⑸
'parenthesized digit four%'>⑷
'parenthesized digit nine%'>⑼
'parenthesized digit one%'>⑴
'parenthesized digit seven%'>⑺
'parenthesized digit six%'>⑹
'parenthesized digit three%'>⑶
'parenthesized digit two%'>⑵
'parenthesized latin small letter a%'>⒜
'parenthesized latin small letter b%'>⒝
'parenthesized latin small letter c%'>⒞
'parenthesized latin small letter d%'>⒟
'parenthesized latin small letter e%'>⒠
'parenthesized latin small letter f%'>⒡
'parenthesized latin small letter g%'>⒢
'parenthesized latin small letter h%'>⒣
'parenthesized latin small letter i%'>⒤
'parenthesized latin small letter j%'>⒥
'parenthesized latin small letter k%'>⒦
'parenthesized latin small letter l%'>⒧
'parenthesized latin small letter m%'>⒨
'parenthesized latin small letter n%'>⒩
'parenthesized latin small letter o%'>⒪
'parenthesized latin small letter p%'>⒫
'parenthesized latin small letter q%'>⒬
'parenthesized latin small letter r%'>⒭
'parenthesized latin small letter s%'>⒮
'parenthesized latin small letter t%'>⒯
'parenthesized latin small letter u%'>⒰
'parenthesized latin small letter v%'>⒱
'parenthesized latin small letter w%'>⒲
'parenthesized latin small letter x%'>⒳
'parenthesized latin small letter y%'>⒴
'parenthesized latin small letter z%'>⒵
'parenthesized number eighteen%'>⒅
'parenthesized number eleven%'>⑾
'parenthesized number fifteen%'>⒂
'parenthesized number fourteen%'>⒁
'parenthesized number nineteen%'>⒆
'parenthesized number seventeen%'>⒄
'parenthesized number sixteen%'>⒃
'parenthesized number ten%'>⑽
'parenthesized number thirteen%'>⒀
'parenthesized number twelve%'>⑿
'parenthesized number twenty%'>⒇
'partial differential%'>∂
'peace symbol%'>☮
'per mille sign%'>‰
'per ten thousand sign%'>‱
'peseta sign%'>₧
'pinwheel star%'>✯
'planck constant over 2 pi%'>ℏ
'planck constant%'>ℎ
'plus-or-minus sign%'
'pop directional embedding%'>‬
'position indicator%'>⌖
'postal mark face%'>〠
'postal mark%'>〒
'pound sign%'
'precedes but not equivalent to%'>⋨
'precedes or equal to%'>≼
'precedes or equivalent to%'>≾
'prescription take%'>℞
'proportional to%'>∝
'punctuation space%'> 
'quarter note%'>♩
'questioned equal to%'>≟
'quotation dash%'>―
'reference mark%'>※
'registered trade mark sign%'
'reversed double prime quotation mark%'>〝
'reversed double prime%'>‶
'reversed not sign%'>⌐
'reversed prime%'>‵
'reversed tilde equals%'>⋍
'reversed tilde%'>∽
'reversed triple prime%'>‷
'right angle with arc%'>⊾
'right angle%'>∟
'right arrow from bar%'>↦
'right arrow over left arrow%'>⇄
'right arrow to bar%'>⇥
'right arrow with corner down%'>↴
'right arrow with hook%'>↪
'right arrow with loop%'>↬
'right arrow with stroke%'>↛
'right arrow with tail%'>↣
'right arrow%'>→
'right ceiling%'>⌉
'right dashed arrow%'>⇢
'right double arrow with stroke%'>⇏
'right double arrow%'>⇒
'right floor%'>⌋
'right half black circle%'>◗
'right half block%'>▐
'right harpoon over left harpoon%'>⇌
'right harpoon with barb down%'>⇁
'right harpoon with barb up%'>⇀
'right normal factor semidirect product%'>⋊
'right one eighth block%'>▕
'right paired arrows%'>⇉
'right pointing guillemet%'
'right pointing single guillemet%'>›
'right semidirect product%'>⋌
'right squiggle arrow%'>⇝
'right tack%'>⊢
'right triangle%'>⊿
'right triple arrow%'>⇛
'right two headed arrow%'>↠
'right wave arrow%'>↝
'right-shaded white right arrow%'>➩
'right-to-left embedding%'>‫
'right-to-left mark%'>‏
'right-to-left override%'>‮
'ring equal to%'>≗
'ring in equal to%'>≖
'ring operator%'>∘
'roman numeral eight%'>Ⅷ
'roman numeral eleven%'>Ⅺ
'roman numeral fifty%'>Ⅼ
'roman numeral five hundred%'>Ⅾ
'roman numeral five thousand%'>ↁ
'roman numeral five%'>Ⅴ
'roman numeral four%'>Ⅳ
'roman numeral nine%'>Ⅸ
'roman numeral one hundred%'>Ⅽ
'roman numeral one thousand c d%'>ↀ
'roman numeral one thousand%'>Ⅿ
'roman numeral one%'>Ⅰ
'roman numeral seven%'>Ⅶ
'roman numeral six%'>Ⅵ
'roman numeral ten thousand%'>ↂ
'roman numeral ten%'>Ⅹ
'roman numeral three%'>Ⅲ
'roman numeral twelve%'>Ⅻ
'roman numeral two%'>Ⅱ
'rotated floral heart bullet%'>❧
'rotated heavy black heart bullet%'>❥
'rupee sign%'>₨
'script b%'>ℬ
'script e%'>ℰ
'script f%'>ℱ
'script h%'>ℋ
'script i%'>ℐ
'script l%'>ℒ
'script m%'>ℳ
'script p%'>℘
'script r%'>ℛ
'script small e%'>ℯ
'script small g%'>ℊ
'script small l%'>ℓ
'script small o%'>ℴ
'second transfinite cardinal%'>ℶ
'section sign%'
'service mark%'>℠
'set minus%'>∖
'shadowed white circle%'>❍
'shadowed white latin cross%'>✞
'shadowed white star%'>✰
'sine wave%'>∿
'single comma quotation mark%'>’
'single reversed comma quotation mark%'>‛
'single turned comma quotation mark%'>‘
'six petalled black and white florette%'>✾
'six pointed black star%'>✶
'six-per-em space%'> 
'sixteen pointed asterisk%'>✺
'skull and crossbones%'>☠
'small contains as member%'>∍
'small roman numeral eight%'>ⅷ
'small roman numeral eleven%'>ⅺ
'small roman numeral fifty%'>ⅼ
'small roman numeral five hundred%'>ⅾ
'small roman numeral five%'>ⅴ
'small roman numeral four%'>ⅳ
'small roman numeral nine%'>ⅸ
'small roman numeral one hundred%'>ⅽ
'small roman numeral one thousand%'>ⅿ
'small roman numeral one%'>ⅰ
'small roman numeral seven%'>ⅶ
'small roman numeral six%'>ⅵ
'small roman numeral ten%'>ⅹ
'small roman numeral three%'>ⅲ
'small roman numeral twelve%'>ⅻ
'small roman numeral two%'>ⅱ
'soft hyphen%'
'sound recording copyright%'>℗
'spacing acute%'
'spacing breve%'
'spacing cedilla%'
'spacing diaeresis%'
'spacing dot above%'
'spacing double acute%'
'spacing double underscore%'>‗
'spacing macron%'
'spacing ogonek%'
'spacing overscore%'>‾
'spacing ring above%'
'spacing tilde%'
'spherical angle%'>∢
'square cap%'>⊓
'square cup%'>⊔
'square image of or equal to%'>⊑
'square image of or not equal to%'>⋤
'square image of%'>⊏
'square lozenge%'>⌑
'square original of or equal to%'>⊒
'square original of or not equal to%'>⋥
'square original of%'>⊐
'square root%'>√
'square with diagonal crosshatch fill%'>▩
'square with horizontal fill%'>▤
'square with left half black%'>◧
'square with lower right diagonal half black%'>◪
'square with orthogonal crosshatch fill%'>▦
'square with right half black%'>◨
'square with upper left diagonal half black%'>◩
'square with upper left to lower right fill%'>▧
'square with upper right to lower left fill%'>▨
'square with vertical fill%'>▥
'squared dot operator%'>⊡
'squared minus%'>⊟
'squared plus%'>⊞
'squared times%'>⊠
'squat black right arrow%'>➧
'star and crescent%'>☪
'star equals%'>≛
'star of david%'>✡
'star operator%'>⋆
'stop directional override%'> 
'strictly equivalent to%'>≣
'subscript closing parenthesis%'>₎
'subscript digit eight%'>₈
'subscript digit five%'>₅
'subscript digit four%'>₄
'subscript digit nine%'>₉
'subscript digit one%'>₁
'subscript digit seven%'>₇
'subscript digit six%'>₆
'subscript digit three%'>₃
'subscript digit two%'>₂
'subscript digit zero%'>₀
'subscript equals sign%'>₌
'subscript hyphen-minus%'>₋
'subscript opening parenthesis%'>₍
'subscript plus sign%'>₊
'subset of or equal to%'>⊆
'subset of or not equal to%'>⊊
'subset of%'>⊂
'succeeds but not equivalent to%'>⋩
'succeeds or equal to%'>≽
'succeeds or equivalent to%'>≿
'superscript closing parenthesis%'>⁾
'superscript digit eight%'>⁸
'superscript digit five%'>⁵
'superscript digit four%'>⁴
'superscript digit nine%'>⁹
'superscript digit one%'
'superscript digit seven%'>⁷
'superscript digit six%'>⁶
'superscript digit three%'
'superscript digit two%'
'superscript digit zero%'>⁰
'superscript equals sign%'>⁼
'superscript hyphen-minus%'>⁻
'superscript latin small letter n%'>ⁿ
'superscript opening parenthesis%'>⁽
'superscript plus sign%'>⁺
'superset of or equal to%'>⊇
'superset of or not equal to%'>⊋
'superset of%'>⊃
'surface integral%'>∯
'symbol of iran%'>☫
't e l symbol%'>℡
'tape drive%'>✇
'teardrop-barbed right arrow%'>➺
'teardrop-spoked asterisk%'>✻
'telephone location sign%'>✆
'telephone recorder%'>⌕
'there does not exist%'>∄
'there exists%'>∃
'thin space%'> 
'third transfinite cardinal%'>ℷ
'three-d bottom-lighted right arrowhead%'>➣
'three-d top-lighted right arrowhead%'>➢
'three-per-em space%'> 
'tight trifoliate snowflake%'>❅
'tilde operator%'>∼
'top half integral%'>⌠
'top left corner%'>⌜
'top left crop%'>⌏
'top right corner%'>⌝
'top right crop%'>⌎
'triangle-headed right arrow%'>➝
'triangular bullet%'>‣
'trigram for earth%'>☷
'trigram for fire%'>☲
'trigram for heaven%'>☰
'trigram for lake%'>☱
'trigram for mountain%'>☶
'trigram for thunder%'>☳
'trigram for water%'>☵
'trigram for wind%'>☴
'triple integral%'>∭
'triple prime%'>‴
'triple tilde%'>≋
'triple vertical bar right turnstile%'>⊪
'turned f%'>Ⅎ
'turned greek small letter iota%'>℩
'turned not sign%'>⌙
'twelve pointed black star%'>✹
'two dot leader%'>‥
'up arrow from bar%'>↥
'up arrow left of down arrow%'>⇅
'up arrow with double stroke%'>⇞
'up arrow with tip left%'>↰
'up arrow with tip right%'>↱
'up arrow%'>↑
'up arrowhead%'>⌃
'up dashed arrow%'>⇡
'up double arrow%'>⇑
'up down arrow with base%'>↨
'up down arrow%'>↕
'up down double arrow%'>⇕
'up harpoon with barb left%'>↿
'up harpoon with barb right%'>↾
'up paired arrows%'>⇈
'up pointing triangle with left half black%'>◭
'up pointing triangle with right half black%'>◮
'up right diagonal ellipsis%'>⋰
'up tack%'>⊥
'up two headed arrow%'>↟
'upper blade scissors%'>✁
'upper half block%'>▀
'upper half circle%'>◠
'upper half inverse white circle%'>◚
'upper left arrow to long bar%'>↸
'upper left arrow%'>↖
'upper left double arrow%'>⇖
'upper left quadrant circular arc%'>◜
'upper one eighth block%'>▔
'upper right arrow%'>↗
'upper right double arrow%'>⇗
'upper right drop-shadowed white square%'>❐
'upper right pencil%'>✐
'upper right quadrant circular arc%'>◝
'upper right shadowed white square%'>❒
'vertical ellipsis%'>⋮
'vertical kana repeat mark lower half%'>〵
'vertical kana repeat mark upper half%'>〳
'vertical kana repeat mark%'>〱
'vertical kana repeat with voiced sound mark upper half%'>〴
'vertical kana repeat with voiced sound mark%'>〲
'very much greater than%'>⋙
'very much less than%'>⋘
'victory hand%'>✌
'viewdata square%'>⌗
'volume integral%'>∰
'wave dash%'>〜
'wavy dash%'>〰
'wavy line%'>⌇
'wedge-tailed right arrow%'>➼
'wheel of dharma%'>☸
'white bullet%'>◦
'white chess bishop%'>♗
'white chess king%'>♔
'white chess knight%'>♘
'white chess pawn%'>♙
'white chess queen%'>♕
'white chess rook%'>♖
'white circle%'>○
'white club suit%'>♧
'white diamond containing black small diamond%'>◈
'white diamond suit%'>♢
'white diamond%'>◇
'white down arrow%'>⇩
'white down pointing index%'>☟
'white down pointing small triangle%'>▿
'white down pointing triangle%'>▽
'white florette%'>❀
'white four pointed star%'>✧
'white frowning face%'>☹
'white heart suit%'>♡
'white left arrow%'>⇦
'white left pointing index%'>☜
'white left pointing pointer%'>◅
'white left pointing small triangle%'>◃
'white left pointing triangle%'>◁
'white nib%'>✑
'white parallelogram%'>▱
'white rectangle%'>▭
'white right arrow%'>⇨
'white right pointing index%'>☞
'white right pointing pointer%'>▻
'white right pointing small triangle%'>▹
'white right pointing triangle%'>▷
'white scissors%'>✄
'white small square%'>▫
'white smiling face%'>☺
'white spade suit%'>♤
'white square containing black small square%'>▣
'white square with rounded corners%'>▢
'white square with vertical bisecting line%'>◫
'white square%'>□
'white star%'>☆
'white sun with rays%'>☼
'white telephone%'>☏
'white up arrow from bar%'>⇪
'white up arrow%'>⇧
'white up pointing index%'>☝
'white up pointing small triangle%'>▵
'white up pointing triangle with dot%'>◬
'white up pointing triangle%'>△
'white vertical rectangle%'>▯
'white-feathered right arrow%'>➳
'won sign%'>₩
'wreath product%'>≀
'writing hand%'>✍
'x mark3%'>✗
'yen sign%'
'yin yang%'>☯
'zero width joiner%'>‍
'zero width non-joiner%'>‌
'zero width space%'>​
# eof