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/* Copyright (c) 1999-2000, International Business Machines Corporation and
others. All Rights Reserved. */
/* Define to signed char if not in <sys/types.h> */
#undef int8_t
/* Define to unsigned char if not in <sys/types.h> */
#undef uint8_t
/* Define to signed short if not in <sys/types.h> */
#undef int16_t
/* Define to unsigned short if not in <sys/types.h> */
#undef uint16_t
/* Define to signed long if not in <sys/types.h> */
#undef int32_t
/* Define to unsigned long if not in <sys/types.h> */
#undef uint32_t
/* Define to signed char if not in <sys/types.h> */
#undef bool_t
/* Define if your system has <wchar.h> */
/* Define to the size of wchar_t */