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* Copyright (C) 2000, International Business Machines
* Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.
* File reslist.h
* Modification History:
* Date Name Description
* 02/21/00 weiv Creation.
#ifndef RESLIST_H
#define RESLIST_H
#define KEY_SPACE_SIZE 65532
#include "unicode/utypes.h"
#include "unicode/ures.h"
#include "unicode/ustring.h"
#include "uresdata.h"
#include "cmemory.h"
#include "cstring.h"
#include "unewdata.h"
/* Resource bundle root table */
struct SRBRoot {
char *fLocale;
uint16_t fKeyPoint;
char *fKeys;
int32_t fCount;
struct SResource *fRoot;
struct SRBRoot *bundle_open(UErrorCode *status);
/*void bundle_write(struct SRBRoot *bundle, const char *outputDir, const char *filename, UErrorCode *status);*/
void bundle_write(struct SRBRoot *bundle, const char *outputDir, UErrorCode *status);
void bundle_close(struct SRBRoot *bundle, UErrorCode *status);
void bundle_setlocale(struct SRBRoot *bundle, UChar *locale, UErrorCode *status);
uint16_t bundle_addtag(struct SRBRoot *bundle, const char *tag, UErrorCode *status);
/* Various resource types */
struct SResTable {
uint16_t fCount;
uint32_t fChildrenSize;
struct SResource *fFirst;
struct SRBRoot *fRoot;
struct SResource* table_open(struct SRBRoot *bundle, char *tag, UErrorCode *status);
void table_close(struct SResource *table, UErrorCode *status);
void table_add(struct SResource *table, struct SResource *res, int linenumber, UErrorCode *status);
struct SResArray {
uint32_t fCount;
uint32_t fChildrenSize;
struct SResource *fFirst;
struct SResource *fLast;
struct SResource* array_open(struct SRBRoot *bundle, char *tag, UErrorCode *status);
void array_close(struct SResource *array, UErrorCode *status);
void array_add(struct SResource *array, struct SResource *res, UErrorCode *status);
struct SResString {
uint32_t fLength;
UChar *fChars;
struct SResource *string_open(struct SRBRoot *bundle, char *tag, UChar *value, int32_t len, UErrorCode *status);
void string_close(struct SResource *string, UErrorCode *status);
struct SResIntVector {
uint32_t fCount;
uint32_t *fArray;
struct SResource* intvector_open(struct SRBRoot *bundle, char *tag, UErrorCode *status);
void intvector_close(struct SResource *intvector, UErrorCode *status);
void intvector_add(struct SResource *intvector, int32_t value, UErrorCode *status);
struct SResInt {
uint32_t fValue;
struct SResource *int_open(struct SRBRoot *bundle, char *tag, int32_t value, UErrorCode *status);
void int_close(struct SResource *intres, UErrorCode *status);
struct SResBinary {
uint32_t fLength;
uint8_t *fData;
struct SResource *bin_open(struct SRBRoot *bundle, const char *tag, uint32_t length, uint8_t *data, UErrorCode *status);
void bin_close(struct SResource *binres, UErrorCode *status);
/* Resource place holder */
struct SResource {
UResType fType;
uint16_t fKey;
uint32_t fSize; /* Size in bytes outside the header part */
int line; /* used internally to report duplicate keys in tables */
struct SResource *fNext; /*This is for internal chaining while building*/
union {
struct SResTable fTable;
struct SResArray fArray;
struct SResString fString;
struct SResIntVector fIntVector;
struct SResInt fIntValue;
struct SResBinary fBinaryValue;
} u;
void res_close(struct SResource *res, UErrorCode *status);
#endif /* #ifndef RESLIST_H */