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* Copyright (C) 2000-2001, International Business Machines
* Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.
#ifndef URESIMP_H
#define URESIMP_H
#include "unicode/ures.h"
#include "uresdata.h"
#define kRootLocaleName "root"
The default minor version and the version separator must be exactly one
character long.
#define kDefaultMinorVersion "0"
#define kVersionSeparator "."
#define kVersionTag "Version"
#define MAGIC1 19700503
#define MAGIC2 19641227
enum UResEntryType {
typedef enum UResEntryType UResEntryType;
struct UResourceDataEntry;
typedef struct UResourceDataEntry UResourceDataEntry;
struct UResourceDataEntry {
char *fName; /* name of the locale for bundle - still to decide whether it is original or fallback */
char *fPath; /* path to bundle - used for distinguishing between resources with the same name */
uint32_t fCountExisting; /* how much is this resource used */
ResourceData fData; /* data for low level access */
UResourceDataEntry *fParent; /*next resource in fallback chain*/
/* UResEntryType fStatus;*/
UErrorCode fBogus;
int32_t fHashKey; /* for faster access in the hashtable */
struct UResourceBundle {
const char *fKey; /*tag*/
char *fVersion;
UBool fHasFallback;
UBool fIsTopLevel;
uint32_t fMagic1;
uint32_t fMagic2;
/*UBool fIsStackObject;*/
UResourceDataEntry *fData; /*for low-level access*/
int32_t fIndex;
int32_t fSize;
ResourceData fResData;
Resource fRes;
U_CFUNC void ures_setIsStackObject( UResourceBundle* resB, UBool state);
U_CFUNC UBool ures_isStackObject( UResourceBundle* resB);
/* Some getters used by the copy constructor */
U_CFUNC const char* ures_getName(const UResourceBundle* resB);
U_CFUNC const char* ures_getPath(const UResourceBundle* resB);
/* Candidates for export */
U_CFUNC UResourceBundle *ures_copyResb(UResourceBundle *r, const UResourceBundle *original, UErrorCode *status);
#endif /*URESIMP_H*/