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# © 2016 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others.
# License & terms of use:
# ***************************************************************************
# *
# * Copyright (C) 2004-2016, International Business Machines
# * Corporation; Unicode, Inc.; and others. All Rights Reserved.
# *
# ***************************************************************************
# File: hy_hy_FONIPA.txt
# Generated from CLDR
$wordBoundary = [^[:L:][:M:][:N:]];
$vowel = [աեէըիոևօւ];
# Special cases
ով ov;
մ m;
ն n;
պ p;
տ t;
կ k;
բ b;
դ d;
գ ɡ;
փ pʰ;
թ tʰ;
ք kʰ;
ծ t\u0361s;
ճ t\u0361ʃ;
ձ d\u0361z;
ջ d\u0361ʒ;
ց t\u0361sʰ;
չ t\u0361ʃʰ;
ֆ f;
ս s;
շ ʃ;
խ x;
հ h;
վ v;
ւ v;
զ z;
ժ ʒ;
ղ ɣ;
լ l;
յ j;
ռ r;
ր ɾ;
ի i;
ու u;
$wordBoundary {ո} vo;
ո o;
$vowel {ե} jɛ;
$wordBoundary {ե} jɛ;
ե ɛ;
$wordBoundary {և} jɛv;
և ɛv;
է ɛ;
ը ə;
օ o;
ա a;