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ak{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lAkan"}
am{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lAmhari"}
ar{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lmarabu"}
be{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lBelarusi"}
bg{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lBulgaria"}
bn{"lnkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lBengali"}
cs{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lcheki"}
de{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ ljerumani"}
el{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lgiriki"}
en{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ nkɨ́resa"}
es{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lspania"}
fa{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lpersia"}
fr{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ faransa"}
ha{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ hausa"}
hi{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lmoindi"}
hu{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lhungari"}
id{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ Indonesia"}
ig{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ Igbo"}
it{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ ltalian"}
ja{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ japani"}
jv{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ ljana"}
km{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lkambodia"}
ko{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lkorea"}
ms{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ malay"}
my{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lBurma"}
ne{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lnepali"}
nl{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lduchi"}
pa{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lpunjabi"}
pl{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lpoland"}
pt{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lportuguese"}
ro{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lromania"}
ru{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lrusi"}
rw{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lruwanda"}
so{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lchumari"}
sv{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lswidi"}
ta{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ ltamil"}
th{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ ltai"}
tr{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lturuki"}
uk{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lkrania"}
ur{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lurdu"}
vi{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lvietinamu"}
yo{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lyoruba"}
zh{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lchina"}
zu{"nkʉtʉ́k ɔ́ɔ̄ lzulu"}