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Updating double-conversion from Github to Vendor

IMPORTANT: Please start with a clean working directory before continuing (no uncommitted changes).

Go to https://github.com/google/double-conversion/releases/latest/ to determine the latest version number. You can also pull from a branch instead of a tag.

Run pull-from-upstream.sh as below:

./pull-from-upstream.sh <tag/branch>

You will be prompted to download the tarball. If confirmed, the script will overwrite the contents of the upstream directory.

Updating double-conversion from Vendor to ICU4C

After completing the first step, the script will stop again and ask you whether to copy the diffs into icu4c. If you say yes, the diff between the git index and the working copy (i.e., the output of git diff) will be applied to the corresponding files in icu4c.

Make note of the output of the command. If there are any merge conflicts, you will need to resolve them manually.

Checking ICU Patches

Look over any ICU patches in the icu4c/i18n version of the code files; they should be marked clearly with “ICU PATCH” comments. Make sure that the patches are still needed and remove them if possible.

Next Steps

Build and test icu4c, and send the PR for review.