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C: ustdio

This API provides a <stdio.h>-like API wrapper around ICU‘s other formatting and parsing APIs. It is meant to ease the transition of adding Unicode support to a preexisting applications using stdio. The following is a small list of noticeable differences between stdio and ICU I/O’s ustdio implementation.

  • Locale specific formatting and parsing is only done with file IO.
  • u_fstropen can be used to simulate file IO with strings. This is similar to the iostream API, and it allows locale specific formatting and parsing to be used.
  • This API provides uniform formatting and parsing behavior between platforms (unlike the standard stdio implementations found on various platforms).
  • This API is better suited for text data handling than binary data handling when compared to the typical stdio implementation.
  • You can specify a Transliterator while using the file IO.
  • You can specify a file's codepage separately from the codepage.