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Release Info

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What Is New In The Current Release?

See the ICU download page to find the subpage for the current release.

The subpage for the current release will contain information on changes since the last release, bug fixes, known issues, changes to supported platforms and build environments, and migration issues for existing applications migrating from previous ICU releases. The page will also include an API Change Report, both for ICU4C and ICU4J, for a complete list of APIs added, removed, or changed in this release.

Changes in previous releases can also be found the main ICU download page in its version-specific subpages.

License Information

The ICU projects (ICU4C and ICU4J) are hosted by the Unicode Consortium. The ICU binary and source files are distributed under the UNICODE DATA FILES AND SOFTWARE LICENSE. The full copy of the license and third party software licenses are available in LICENSE file included in this package.