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<p><b><font color="#FF0000">Collation:</font> $locale <a href="$locale">Demo</a>,
<a href="">Cover
Page</a>, <a href="">Index</a></b></p>
<th bgcolor="#AD989D">COMMON (<a href="$locale.xml">xml</a>)</th>
<th bgcolor="#1191F1">LINUX (<a href="$locale.xml">xml</a>)</th>
<th bgcolor="#98FB98">WINDOWS (<a href="$locale.xml">xml</a>)</th>
<td bgcolor="#AD989D">1.0-alpha</td>
<td bgcolor="#FF6633">1.0</td>
<td bgcolor="#FF6633">=</td>
<td bgcolor="#FF6633"><span title="006E {LATIN SMALL LETTER N}">&amp;n</span><br>
<span title="006E 0079 {LATIN SMALL LETTER N} {LATIN SMALL LETTER Y}">&nbsp;&nbsp;&lt;&nbsp;ny</span><br>
<span title="006E 006E 0079 {LATIN SMALL LETTER N} {LATIN SMALL LETTER N} {LATIN SMALL LETTER Y} / 006E 0079 {LATIN SMALL LETTER N} {LATIN SMALL LETTER Y}">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;=&nbsp;nny&nbsp;/&nbsp;ny</span><br>
<span title="006E 0059 {LATIN SMALL LETTER N} {LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Y}">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&lt;&lt;&lt;&nbsp;nY</span><br>
<td bgcolor="#FF6633">=</td>
<td bgcolor="#FFFF33">1.2</td>
<td bgcolor="#98FB98">Windows XP</td>
<td bgcolor="#FF6633">=</td>
<td bgcolor="#FF6633">=</td>