ICU-20568 Add .unit().usage() support to ICU4J NumberFormatter (2/2)

* Throw UnsupportedOperationException for "unsanctioned units"
* Deal with the parent issue for LongNameMultiplexer
* Fix NullPointerException: UnitConversionHandler.processQuantity must
  call fParent.processQuantity
* toSkeleton not supported for not-built-in units
* Add and use interface
* Match up C++ and Java unit tests in
* Permit user-override of precision() for usage(), closes icu-units#95
* Use BogusRounder to propagate mathContext.
* Port C++ change from PR #1322, commit c84ded050a, to Java.
* Test the usage-without-unit error. Document it in
* General review and corrections.
17 files changed
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