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* (C) Copyright IBM Corp. 1998-2011 - All Rights Reserved
* \file
* \internal
#include "LETypes.h"
#include "OpenTypeTables.h"
// Characters that get refered to by name...
#define C_SIGN_ZWNJ 0x200C
#define C_SIGN_ZWJ 0x200D
// Character class values
#define CC_RESERVED 0U
#define CC_NUKTA 8U
#define CC_VIRAMA 13U
#define CC_AL_LAKUNA 15U
#define CC_COUNT 16U
// Character class flags
#define CF_CLASS_MASK 0x0000FFFFU
#define CF_CONSONANT 0x80000000U
#define CF_REPH 0x40000000U
#define CF_VATTU 0x20000000U
#define CF_BELOW_BASE 0x10000000U
#define CF_POST_BASE 0x08000000U
#define CF_LENGTH_MARK 0x04000000U
#define CF_PRE_BASE 0x02000000U
#define CF_POS_BEFORE 0x00300000U
#define CF_POS_BELOW 0x00200000U
#define CF_POS_ABOVE 0x00100000U
#define CF_POS_AFTER 0x00000000U
#define CF_POS_MASK 0x00300000U
#define CF_INDEX_MASK 0x000F0000U
#define CF_INDEX_SHIFT 16
// Script flag bits
#define SF_MATRAS_AFTER_BASE 0x80000000U
#define SF_REPH_AFTER_BELOW 0x40000000U
#define SF_EYELASH_RA 0x20000000U
#define SF_MPRE_FIXUP 0x10000000U
#define SF_FILTER_ZERO_WIDTH 0x08000000U
#define SM_MAX_PIECES 3
typedef LEUnicode SplitMatra[SM_MAX_PIECES];
class MPreFixups;
class LEGlyphStorage;
// Dynamic Properties ( v2 fonts only )
typedef le_uint32 DynamicProperties;
#define DP_REPH 0x80000000U
#define DP_HALF 0x40000000U
#define DP_PREF 0x20000000U
#define DP_BLWF 0x10000000U
#define DP_PSTF 0x08000000U
struct IndicClassTable
typedef le_uint32 CharClass;
typedef le_uint32 ScriptFlags;
LEUnicode firstChar;
LEUnicode lastChar;
le_int32 worstCaseExpansion;
ScriptFlags scriptFlags;
const CharClass *classTable;
const SplitMatra *splitMatraTable;
inline le_int32 getWorstCaseExpansion() const;
inline le_bool getFilterZeroWidth() const;
CharClass getCharClass(LEUnicode ch) const;
inline const SplitMatra *getSplitMatra(CharClass charClass) const;
inline le_bool isVowelModifier(LEUnicode ch) const;
inline le_bool isStressMark(LEUnicode ch) const;
inline le_bool isConsonant(LEUnicode ch) const;
inline le_bool isReph(LEUnicode ch) const;
inline le_bool isVirama(LEUnicode ch) const;
inline le_bool isAlLakuna(LEUnicode ch) const;
inline le_bool isNukta(LEUnicode ch) const;
inline le_bool isVattu(LEUnicode ch) const;
inline le_bool isMatra(LEUnicode ch) const;
inline le_bool isSplitMatra(LEUnicode ch) const;
inline le_bool isLengthMark(LEUnicode ch) const;
inline le_bool hasPostOrBelowBaseForm(LEUnicode ch) const;
inline le_bool hasPostBaseForm(LEUnicode ch) const;
inline le_bool hasBelowBaseForm(LEUnicode ch) const;
inline le_bool hasAboveBaseForm(LEUnicode ch) const;
inline le_bool hasPreBaseForm(LEUnicode ch) const;
inline static le_bool isVowelModifier(CharClass charClass);
inline static le_bool isStressMark(CharClass charClass);
inline static le_bool isConsonant(CharClass charClass);
inline static le_bool isReph(CharClass charClass);
inline static le_bool isVirama(CharClass charClass);
inline static le_bool isAlLakuna(CharClass charClass);
inline static le_bool isNukta(CharClass charClass);
inline static le_bool isVattu(CharClass charClass);
inline static le_bool isMatra(CharClass charClass);
inline static le_bool isSplitMatra(CharClass charClass);
inline static le_bool isLengthMark(CharClass charClass);
inline static le_bool hasPostOrBelowBaseForm(CharClass charClass);
inline static le_bool hasPostBaseForm(CharClass charClass);
inline static le_bool hasBelowBaseForm(CharClass charClass);
inline static le_bool hasAboveBaseForm(CharClass charClass);
inline static le_bool hasPreBaseForm(CharClass charClass);
static const IndicClassTable *getScriptClassTable(le_int32 scriptCode);
class IndicReordering /* not : public UObject because all methods are static */ {
static le_int32 getWorstCaseExpansion(le_int32 scriptCode);
static le_bool getFilterZeroWidth(le_int32 scriptCode);
static le_int32 reorder(const LEUnicode *theChars, le_int32 charCount, le_int32 scriptCode,
LEUnicode *outChars, LEGlyphStorage &glyphStorage,
MPreFixups **outMPreFixups, LEErrorCode& success);
static void adjustMPres(MPreFixups *mpreFixups, LEGlyphStorage &glyphStorage, LEErrorCode& success);
static le_int32 v2process(const LEUnicode *theChars, le_int32 charCount, le_int32 scriptCode,
LEUnicode *outChars, LEGlyphStorage &glyphStorage);
static const FeatureMap *getFeatureMap(le_int32 &count);
static const FeatureMap *getv2FeatureMap(le_int32 &count);
static void applyPresentationForms(LEGlyphStorage &glyphStorage, le_int32 count);
static void finalReordering(LEGlyphStorage &glyphStorage, le_int32 count);
static void getDynamicProperties(DynamicProperties *dProps, const IndicClassTable *classTable);
// do not instantiate
static le_int32 findSyllable(const IndicClassTable *classTable, const LEUnicode *chars, le_int32 prev, le_int32 charCount);
inline le_int32 IndicClassTable::getWorstCaseExpansion() const
return worstCaseExpansion;
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::getFilterZeroWidth() const
return (scriptFlags & SF_FILTER_ZERO_WIDTH) != 0;
inline const SplitMatra *IndicClassTable::getSplitMatra(CharClass charClass) const
le_int32 index = (charClass & CF_INDEX_MASK) >> CF_INDEX_SHIFT;
return &splitMatraTable[index - 1];
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::isVowelModifier(CharClass charClass)
return (charClass & CF_CLASS_MASK) == CC_VOWEL_MODIFIER;
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::isStressMark(CharClass charClass)
return (charClass & CF_CLASS_MASK) == CC_STRESS_MARK;
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::isConsonant(CharClass charClass)
return (charClass & CF_CONSONANT) != 0;
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::isReph(CharClass charClass)
return (charClass & CF_REPH) != 0;
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::isNukta(CharClass charClass)
return (charClass & CF_CLASS_MASK) == CC_NUKTA;
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::isVirama(CharClass charClass)
return (charClass & CF_CLASS_MASK) == CC_VIRAMA;
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::isAlLakuna(CharClass charClass)
return (charClass & CF_CLASS_MASK) == CC_AL_LAKUNA;
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::isVattu(CharClass charClass)
return (charClass & CF_VATTU) != 0;
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::isMatra(CharClass charClass)
charClass &= CF_CLASS_MASK;
return charClass >= CC_DEPENDENT_VOWEL && charClass <= CC_SPLIT_VOWEL_PIECE_3;
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::isSplitMatra(CharClass charClass)
return (charClass & CF_INDEX_MASK) != 0;
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::isLengthMark(CharClass charClass)
return (charClass & CF_LENGTH_MARK) != 0;
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::hasPostOrBelowBaseForm(CharClass charClass)
return (charClass & (CF_POST_BASE | CF_BELOW_BASE)) != 0;
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::hasPostBaseForm(CharClass charClass)
return (charClass & CF_POST_BASE) != 0;
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::hasPreBaseForm(CharClass charClass)
return (charClass & CF_PRE_BASE) != 0;
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::hasBelowBaseForm(CharClass charClass)
return (charClass & CF_BELOW_BASE) != 0;
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::hasAboveBaseForm(CharClass charClass)
return ((charClass & CF_POS_MASK) == CF_POS_ABOVE);
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::isVowelModifier(LEUnicode ch) const
return isVowelModifier(getCharClass(ch));
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::isStressMark(LEUnicode ch) const
return isStressMark(getCharClass(ch));
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::isConsonant(LEUnicode ch) const
return isConsonant(getCharClass(ch));
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::isReph(LEUnicode ch) const
return isReph(getCharClass(ch));
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::isVirama(LEUnicode ch) const
return isVirama(getCharClass(ch));
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::isAlLakuna(LEUnicode ch) const
return isAlLakuna(getCharClass(ch));
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::isNukta(LEUnicode ch) const
return isNukta(getCharClass(ch));
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::isVattu(LEUnicode ch) const
return isVattu(getCharClass(ch));
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::isMatra(LEUnicode ch) const
return isMatra(getCharClass(ch));
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::isSplitMatra(LEUnicode ch) const
return isSplitMatra(getCharClass(ch));
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::isLengthMark(LEUnicode ch) const
return isLengthMark(getCharClass(ch));
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::hasPostOrBelowBaseForm(LEUnicode ch) const
return hasPostOrBelowBaseForm(getCharClass(ch));
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::hasPostBaseForm(LEUnicode ch) const
return hasPostBaseForm(getCharClass(ch));
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::hasBelowBaseForm(LEUnicode ch) const
return hasBelowBaseForm(getCharClass(ch));
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::hasPreBaseForm(LEUnicode ch) const
return hasPreBaseForm(getCharClass(ch));
inline le_bool IndicClassTable::hasAboveBaseForm(LEUnicode ch) const
return hasAboveBaseForm(getCharClass(ch));