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* Copyright (c) 2002-2007, International Business Machines Corporation
* and others. All Rights Reserved.
* Date Name Description
* 06/06/2002 aliu Creation.
#ifndef _ANYTRANS_H_
#define _ANYTRANS_H_
#include "unicode/utypes.h"
#include "unicode/translit.h"
#include "unicode/uscript.h"
#include "uhash.h"
* A transliterator named Any-T or Any-T/V, where T is the target
* script and V is the optional variant, that uses multiple
* transliterators, all going to T or T/V, all with script sources.
* The target must be a script. It partitions text into runs of the
* same script, and then based on the script of each run,
* transliterates from that script to the given target or
* target/variant. Adjacent COMMON or INHERITED script characters are
* included in each run.
* @author Alan Liu
class AnyTransliterator : public Transliterator {
* Cache mapping UScriptCode values to Transliterator*.
UHashtable* cache;
* The target or target/variant string.
UnicodeString target;
* The target script code. Never USCRIPT_INVALID_CODE.
UScriptCode targetScript;
* Destructor.
virtual ~AnyTransliterator();
* Copy constructor.
AnyTransliterator(const AnyTransliterator&);
* Transliterator API.
virtual Transliterator* clone() const;
* Implements {@link Transliterator#handleTransliterate}.
virtual void handleTransliterate(Replaceable& text, UTransPosition& index,
UBool incremental) const;
* ICU "poor man's RTTI", returns a UClassID for the actual class.
virtual UClassID getDynamicClassID() const;
* ICU "poor man's RTTI", returns a UClassID for this class.
U_I18N_API static UClassID U_EXPORT2 getStaticClassID();
* Private constructor
* @param id the ID of the form S-T or S-T/V, where T is theTarget
* and V is theVariant. Must not be empty.
* @param theTarget the target name. Must not be empty, and must
* name a script corresponding to theTargetScript.
* @param theVariant the variant name, or the empty string if
* there is no variant
* @param theTargetScript the script code corresponding to
* theTarget.
* @param ec error code, fails if the internal hashtable cannot be
* allocated
AnyTransliterator(const UnicodeString& id,
const UnicodeString& theTarget,
const UnicodeString& theVariant,
UScriptCode theTargetScript,
UErrorCode& ec);
* Returns a transliterator from the given source to our target or
* target/variant. Returns NULL if the source is the same as our
* target script, or if the source is USCRIPT_INVALID_CODE.
* Caches the result and returns the same transliterator the next
* time. The caller does NOT own the result and must not delete
* it.
Transliterator* getTransliterator(UScriptCode source) const;
* Registers standard transliterators with the system. Called by
* Transliterator during initialization.
static void registerIDs();
friend class Transliterator; // for registerIDs()