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  1. c_cpp_properties.json
  2. launch.json
  4. tasks.json

Configuring VS Code for ICU4C

  • Create a .vscode folder in icu4c/source
  • Copy the tasks.json, launch.json and c_cpp_properties.json files into the .vscode folder.
  • To test only specific test targets, specify them under args in launch.json.
  • To adjust the parallelism when building, adjust the args in tasks.json.
    • -l20 tells VSCode to not launch jobs if the system load average is above 20 (note that the system load average is not a CPU usage percentage).
    • -j24 limits the number of jobs launched in parallel to 24. The system load average takes a while to respond, reducing this number helps the initial bad system performance when a new build is launched.

NOTE: Run the ./runConfigureICU command before building icu4c from VSCode.