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// © 2020 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others.
// License & terms of use:
#include "unicode/utypes.h"
#include "cmemory.h"
#include "measunit_impl.h"
#include "number_roundingutils.h"
#include "unicode/errorcode.h"
#include "unicode/measure.h"
#include "units_converter.h"
#include "units_data.h"
// Export explicit template instantiations of MaybeStackArray, MemoryPool and
// MaybeStackVector. This is required when building DLLs for Windows. (See
// datefmt.h, collationiterator.h, erarules.h and others for similar examples.)
// Note: These need to be outside of the units namespace, or Clang will generate
// a compile error.
template class U_I18N_API MaybeStackArray<units::UnitsConverter*, 8>;
template class U_I18N_API MemoryPool<units::UnitsConverter, 8>;
template class U_I18N_API MaybeStackVector<units::UnitsConverter, 8>;
template class U_I18N_API MaybeStackArray<MeasureUnitImpl*, 8>;
template class U_I18N_API MemoryPool<MeasureUnitImpl, 8>;
template class U_I18N_API MaybeStackVector<MeasureUnitImpl, 8>;
template class U_I18N_API MaybeStackArray<MeasureUnit*, 8>;
template class U_I18N_API MemoryPool<MeasureUnit, 8>;
template class U_I18N_API MaybeStackVector<MeasureUnit, 8>;
namespace units {
* Converts from single or compound unit to single, compound or mixed units.
* For example, from `meter` to `foot+inch`.
* This class uses `UnitsConverter` in order to perform the single converter (i.e. converters from a
* single unit to another single unit). Therefore, `ComplexUnitsConverter` class contains multiple
* instances of the `UnitsConverter` to perform the conversion.
class U_I18N_API ComplexUnitsConverter : public UMemory {
* Constructs `ComplexUnitsConverter` for an `targetUnit` that could be Single, Compound or Mixed.
* In case of:
* 1- Single and Compound units,
* the conversion will not perform anything, the input will be equal to the output.
* 2- Mixed Unit
* the conversion will consider the input is the biggest unit. And will convert it to be spread
* through the target units. For example: if target unit is "inch-and-foot", and the input is 2.5. The
* converter will consider the input value in "foot", because foot is the biggest unit. Then, it
* will convert 2.5 feet to "inch-and-foot".
* @param targetUnit could be any type. (single, compound or mixed).
* @param status
ComplexUnitsConverter(const MeasureUnitImpl &targetUnit, const ConversionRates &ratesInfo,
UErrorCode &status);
* Constructor of `ComplexUnitsConverter`.
* - inputUnit and outputUnits must be under the same category
* - e.g. meter to feet and inches --> all of them are length units.
* @param inputUnit represents the source unit. (should be single or compound unit).
* @param outputUnits represents the output unit. could be any type. (single, compound or mixed).
* @param status
ComplexUnitsConverter(const MeasureUnitImpl &inputUnit, const MeasureUnitImpl &outputUnits,
const ConversionRates &ratesInfo, UErrorCode &status);
// Returns true if the specified `quantity` of the `inputUnit`, expressed in terms of the biggest
// unit in the MeasureUnit `outputUnit`, is greater than or equal to `limit`.
// For example, if the input unit is `meter` and the target unit is `foot+inch`. Therefore, this
// function will convert the `quantity` from `meter` to `foot`, then, it will compare the value in
// `foot` with the `limit`.
UBool greaterThanOrEqual(double quantity, double limit) const;
// Returns outputMeasures which is an array with the corresponding values.
// - E.g. converting meters to feet and inches.
// 1 meter --> 3 feet, 3.3701 inches
// NOTE:
// the smallest element is the only element that could have fractional values. And all
// other elements are floored to the nearest integer
convert(double quantity, icu::number::impl::RoundingImpl *rounder, UErrorCode &status) const;
MaybeStackVector<UnitsConverter> unitsConverters_;
// Individual units of mixed units, sorted big to small, with indices
// indicating the requested output mixed unit order.
MaybeStackVector<MeasureUnitImplWithIndex> units_;
// Sorts units_, which must be populated before calling this, and populates
// unitsConverters_.
void init(const MeasureUnitImpl &inputUnit, const ConversionRates &ratesInfo, UErrorCode &status);
// Applies the rounder to the quantity (last element) and bubble up any carried value to all the
// intValues.
// TODO(ICU-21288): get smarter about precision for mixed units.
void applyRounder(MaybeStackArray<int64_t, 5> &intValues, double &quantity,
icu::number::impl::RoundingImpl *rounder, UErrorCode &status) const;
} // namespace units
#endif /* #if !UCONFIG_NO_FORMATTING */