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# © 2016 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others.
# License & terms of use:
# Generated using tools/cldr/cldr-to-icu/build-icu-data.xml
# File: zu_zu_FONIPA.txt
# Generated from CLDR
# Pronunciation rules for isiZulu.
# Author: (Martin Jansche)
# These rules transcribe isiZulu into the phoneme inventory used within the
# NCHLT Speech Corpus (
# The rules were tested using the NCHLT-inlang isiZulu pronunciation dictionary
# (
# They correctly account for all 15,000 entries in the dictionary.
# The NCHLT 2013 phone set does not indicate tone in any way. Transcription of
# tone is out of scope without a dictionary, since tone is generally not
# indicated in the orthography. Nasal clicks are not treated as separated
# phonemes in the NCHLT 2013 phone set and are transcribed as a sequence of
# nasal plus click instead.
# One minor notational deviation from the NCHLT 2013 phone set is that we use a
# tie bar within the complex (depressor) clicks, e.g. ɡ\u0361ǀ instead of ɡǀ, to
# avoid ambiguity and make the phoneme inventory uniquely decodable.
tsh t\u0361ʃʼ;
bh b;
ch ǀʰ;
dl ɮ;
gc ɡ\u0361ǀ;
gq ɡ\u0361ǃ;
gx ɡ\u0361ǁ;
hh ɦ; # To investigate: /ɦ/ and /h/ may be switched in the NCHLT dictionary.
hl ɬ;
kh kʰ;
kl k\u0361ɬ;
ny ɲ;
ph pʰ;
qh ǃʰ;
n { sh t\u0361sʼ;
sh ʃ;
th tʰ;
xh ǁʰ;
a a;
m { b b;
b ɓ;
c ǀ;
d d;
e ɛ;
f f;
g ɡ;
h h;
i i;
j d\u0361ʒ;
k k;
l l;
m m;
[$] { n } gc n;
n } [gk] ŋ;
n } j ɲ;
n n;
o ɔ;
p pʼ;
q ǃ;
n { s t\u0361sʼ;
s s;
t tʼ;
u u;
v v;
w w;
x ǁ;
y j;
n { z d\u0361z;
z z;