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# © 2016 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others.
# License & terms of use:
# Generated using tools/cldr/cldr-to-icu/build-icu-data.xml
# File: ru_Latn_ru_BGN.txt
# Generated from CLDR
# BGN/PCGN 1947 System for Russian, in direction ru_Latn → ru
$prime = ʹ;
$doublePrime = ʺ;
$wordBoundary = [^[:L:][:M:][:N:]];
$lowerConsonant = [бвгджйклмнпрстфхцчшщэ];
$consonant = [$upperConsonant $lowerConsonant];
[:Upper:] {$prime} [^[:Lower:]] Ь;
$prime ь;
[:Upper:] {$doublePrime} [^[:Lower:]] Ъ;
$doublePrime ъ;
K[Hh] Х;
k[Hh] х;
T·s Тс;
t·S тС;
t·s тс;
T[Ss] Ц;
t[Ss] ц;
C[Hh] Ч;
c[Hh] ч;
S[HhC[Hh] ШЧ;
S[Hhc[Hh] Шч;
s[HhC[Hh] шЧ;
s[Hhc[Hh] шч;
S[Hh][Cc][Hh] Щ;
s[Hh][Cc][Hh] щ;
S[Hh] Ш;
s[Hh] ш;
Y[Ee] Е;
y[Ee] е;
Y[Ëë] Ё;
y[Ëë] ё;
Y[Uu] Ю;
y[Uu] ю;
Y[Aa] Я;
y[Aa] я;
{yy} $wordBoundary ый;
$wordBoundary {Y} [^aeëiouyAEËIOUY] Ы;
$wordBoundary {y} [^aeëiouyAEËIOUY] ы;
$consonant {Y} Ы;
$consonant {y} ы;
Y Й;
y й;
$wordBoundary {E} Э;
$wordBoundary {e} э;
·E Э;
·e э;
E Е;
e е;
A А;
a а;
B Б;
b б;
V В;
v в;
G Г;
g г;
D Д;
d д;
Ë Ё;
ë ё;
Z[Hh] Ж;
z[Hh] ж;
Z З;
z з;
I И;
i и;
K К;
k к;
L Л;
l л;
M М;
m м;
N Н;
n н;
O О;
o о;
P П;
p п;
R Р;
r р;
S С;
s с;
T Т;
t т;
U У;
u у;
F Ф;
f ф;
·Y Ы;
·y ы;
· ;