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# © 2016 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others.
# License & terms of use:
# Generated using tools/cldr/cldr-to-icu/build-icu-data.xml
# File: ia_ia_FONIPA.txt
# Generated from CLDR
# Transformation from Interlingua (ia) to its IPA transcription (ia_FONIPA).
# Interlinua has five falling diphthongs.
ai ai\u032F;
au au\u032F;
ei ei\u032F; # rare
eu eu\u032F;
oi oi\u032F; # rare
# ‹g› is usually [ɡ], but it is [d\u0361ʒ] in -age, -agi-, and -egi-.
$vowel = [aeiouy];
$end_of_word = [$ ];
{age} $end_of_word ad\u0361ʒe;
{agi} $vowel ad\u0361ʒ; # viagiar → viad\u0361ʒar
agi ad\u0361ʒi;
{egi} $vowel ed\u0361ʒ; # legier → led\u0361ʒer
egi ed\u0361ʒi;
gg ɡ;
g ɡ;
# Omniglot: “The sounds of g and k assimilate a preceding n as in English.”
{n} [gkqx] ŋ;
nn n;
n n;
a a;
bb b;
b b;
cc k;
{c} [ei] t\u0361s;
ch k;
c k;
dd d;
d d;
e e;
ff f;
f f;
h ; # ‹h› is normally silent.
i i;
j ʒ;
kk k;
k k;
ll l;
l l;
mm m;
m m;
o o;
ph f; # philosophos, physica
pp p;
p p;
que ke;
qu kw;
q k;
rr ɾ;
r ɾ;
sh ʃ; # rare
ss s;
s s;
[^s] {ti} [aeiouy] t\u0361sj;
tt t;
t t;
u u;
v v;
w v;
x ks;
y i;
z z;