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// © 2017 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others.
// License & terms of use:
#include "unicode/utypes.h"
// TODO: minimize includes
#include "unicode/numberformatter.h"
#include "number_types.h"
#include "number_decimalquantity.h"
#include "number_scientific.h"
#include "number_patternstring.h"
#include "number_modifiers.h"
#include "number_multiplier.h"
#include "number_roundingutils.h"
#include "decNumber.h"
#include "charstr.h"
U_NAMESPACE_BEGIN namespace number {
namespace impl {
* A copyable container for the integer values of mixed unit measurements.
* If memory allocation fails during copying, no values are copied and status is
class IntMeasures : public MaybeStackArray<int64_t, 2> {
* Default constructor initializes with internal T[stackCapacity] buffer.
* Stack Capacity: most mixed units are expected to consist of two or three
* subunits, so one or two integer measures should be enough.
IntMeasures() : MaybeStackArray<int64_t, 2>() {}
* Copy constructor.
* If memory allocation fails during copying, no values are copied and
* status is set to U_MEMORY_ALLOCATION_ERROR.
IntMeasures(const IntMeasures &other) : MaybeStackArray<int64_t, 2>() {
// Assignment operator
IntMeasures &operator=(const IntMeasures &rhs) {
if (this == &rhs) {
return *this;
copyFrom(rhs, status);
return *this;
/** Move constructor */
IntMeasures(IntMeasures &&src) = default;
/** Move assignment */
IntMeasures &operator=(IntMeasures &&src) = default;
UErrorCode status = U_ZERO_ERROR;
* MicroProps is the first MicroPropsGenerator that should be should be called,
* producing an initialized MicroProps instance that will be passed on and
* modified throughout the rest of the chain of MicroPropsGenerator instances.
struct MicroProps : public MicroPropsGenerator {
// NOTE: All of these fields are properly initialized in NumberFormatterImpl.
RoundingImpl rounder;
Grouper grouping;
Padder padding;
IntegerWidth integerWidth;
UNumberSignDisplay sign;
UNumberDecimalSeparatorDisplay decimal;
bool useCurrency;
char nsName[9];
// No ownership: must point at a string which will outlive MicroProps
// instances, e.g. a string with static storage duration, or just a string
// that will never be deallocated or modified.
const char *gender;
// Note: This struct has no direct ownership of the following pointers.
const DecimalFormatSymbols* symbols;
// Pointers to Modifiers provided by the number formatting pipeline (when
// the value is known):
// A Modifier provided by LongNameHandler, used for currency long names and
// units. If there is no LongNameHandler needed, this should be an
// EmptyModifier. (This is typically the third modifier applied.)
const Modifier* modOuter;
// A Modifier for short currencies and compact notation. (This is typically
// the second modifier applied.)
const Modifier* modMiddle = nullptr;
// A Modifier provided by ScientificHandler, used for scientific notation.
// This is typically the first modifier applied.
const Modifier* modInner;
// The following "helper" fields may optionally be used during the MicroPropsGenerator.
// They live here to retain memory.
struct {
// The ScientificModifier for which ScientificHandler is responsible.
// ScientificHandler::processQuantity() modifies this Modifier.
ScientificModifier scientificModifier;
// EmptyModifier used for modOuter
EmptyModifier emptyWeakModifier{false};
// EmptyModifier used for modInner
EmptyModifier emptyStrongModifier{true};
MultiplierFormatHandler multiplier;
// A Modifier used for Mixed Units. When formatting mixed units,
// LongNameHandler assigns this Modifier.
SimpleModifier mixedUnitModifier;
} helpers;
// The MeasureUnit with which the output is represented. May also have
// UMEASURE_UNIT_MIXED complexity, in which case mixedMeasures comes into
// play.
MeasureUnit outputUnit;
// Contains all the values of each unit in mixed units. For quantity (which is the floating value of
// the smallest unit in the mixed unit), the value stores in `quantity`.
// NOTE: the value of quantity in `mixedMeasures` will be left unset.
IntMeasures mixedMeasures;
// Points to quantity position, -1 if the position is not set yet.
int32_t indexOfQuantity = -1;
// Number of mixedMeasures that have been populated
int32_t mixedMeasuresCount = 0;
MicroProps() = default;
MicroProps(const MicroProps& other) = default;
MicroProps& operator=(const MicroProps& other) = default;
* As MicroProps is the "base instance", this implementation of
* MicroPropsGenerator::processQuantity() just ensures that the output
* `micros` is correctly initialized.
* For the "safe" invocation of this function, micros must not be *this,
* such that a copy of the base instance is made. For the "unsafe" path,
* this function can be used only once, because the base MicroProps instance
* will be modified and thus not be available for re-use.
* @param quantity The quantity for consideration and optional mutation.
* @param micros The MicroProps instance to populate. If this parameter is
* not already `*this`, it will be overwritten with a copy of `*this`.
void processQuantity(DecimalQuantity &quantity, MicroProps &micros,
UErrorCode &status) const U_OVERRIDE {
(void) quantity;
(void) status;
if (this == &micros) {
// Unsafe path: no need to perform a copy.
micros.exhausted = true;
} else {
// Safe path: copy self into the output micros.
micros = *this;
// Internal fields:
bool exhausted = false;
} // namespace impl
} // namespace number
#endif /* #if !UCONFIG_NO_FORMATTING */