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// © 2016 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others.
// License & terms of use:
* Copyright (C) 2002-2003, International Business Machines
* Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.
* file name: punycode.h
* encoding: UTF-8
* tab size: 8 (not used)
* indentation:4
* created on: 2002jan31
* created by: Markus W. Scherer
/* This ICU code derived from: */
punycode.c 0.4.0 (2001-Nov-17-Sat)
Adam M. Costello
#ifndef __PUNYCODE_H__
#define __PUNYCODE_H__
#include "unicode/utypes.h"
* u_strToPunycode() converts Unicode to Punycode.
* The input string must not contain single, unpaired surrogates.
* The output will be represented as an array of ASCII code points.
* The output string is NUL-terminated according to normal ICU
* string output rules.
* @param src Input Unicode string.
* This function handles a limited amount of code points
* (the limit is >=64).
* U_INDEX_OUTOFBOUNDS_ERROR is set if the limit is exceeded.
* @param srcLength Number of UChars in src, or -1 if NUL-terminated.
* @param dest Output Punycode array.
* @param destCapacity Size of dest.
* @param caseFlags Vector of boolean values, one per input UChar,
* indicating that the corresponding character is to be
* marked for the decoder optionally
* uppercasing (true) or lowercasing (false)
* the character.
* ASCII characters are output directly in the case as marked.
* Flags corresponding to trail surrogates are ignored.
* If caseFlags==NULL then input characters are not
* case-mapped.
* @param pErrorCode ICU in/out error code parameter.
* U_INVALID_CHAR_FOUND if src contains
* unmatched single surrogates.
* too many code points.
* @return Number of ASCII characters in puny.
* @see u_strFromPunycode
U_CAPI int32_t
u_strToPunycode(const UChar *src, int32_t srcLength,
UChar *dest, int32_t destCapacity,
const UBool *caseFlags,
UErrorCode *pErrorCode);
* u_strFromPunycode() converts Punycode to Unicode.
* The Unicode string will be at most as long (in UChars)
* than the Punycode string (in chars).
* @param src Input Punycode string.
* @param srcLength Length of puny, or -1 if NUL-terminated
* @param dest Output Unicode string buffer.
* @param destCapacity Size of dest in number of UChars,
* and of caseFlags in numbers of UBools.
* @param caseFlags Output array for case flags as
* defined by the Punycode string.
* The caller should uppercase (true) or lowercase (FASLE)
* the corresponding character in dest.
* For supplementary characters, only the lead surrogate
* is marked, and false is stored for the trail surrogate.
* This is redundant and not necessary for ASCII characters
* because they are already in the case indicated.
* Can be NULL if the case flags are not needed.
* @param pErrorCode ICU in/out error code parameter.
* U_INVALID_CHAR_FOUND if a non-ASCII character
* precedes the last delimiter ('-'),
* or if an invalid character (not a-zA-Z0-9) is found
* after the last delimiter.
* U_ILLEGAL_CHAR_FOUND if the delta sequence is ill-formed.
* @return Number of UChars written to dest.
* @see u_strToPunycode
U_CAPI int32_t
u_strFromPunycode(const UChar *src, int32_t srcLength,
UChar *dest, int32_t destCapacity,
UBool *caseFlags,
UErrorCode *pErrorCode);
#endif /* #if !UCONFIG_NO_IDNA */
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