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  • check out this branch :check:
  • cd to root of the git project
  • build the image (i called my image boo, you are allowed alternative names)
    • docker build -f Dockerfile.recorder -t boo .
  • run the image
    • now. inside the image you wanna convert riv files into mp4. to do that we need to get files there. so we're mounting a volume
    • make a folder (maybe call it output) at the root level i guess. and then run the image up as a container
    • docker run -it -v $(pwd)/output:/output boo /bin/bash
    • in a differnt tab, put some .riv files into $(pwd)/output if you havent done so already
    • inside docker again:
      • ./ -s /output/dory.riv -d /output/dory.mp4
    • that should be all (obvs include the watermark etc if you wanna. )


  • how to deal with errors ( im raising exceptions so something falls through to the end... )
    • feels like cpp likes returning ints :D
    • obvs i'm just doing one error type now, was maybe going to add a few?
    • good way to add stack traces in?
  • how to run a debugger, segfaults are a pain
  • what to do with this guy. I'm having to declare it each iteration, rather than once. i was hoping to declare it once but i ran into some no default constructor issue (as i initialized renderer in the header .. i guess)
    • // hmm "no default constructor exists bla bla... " rive::SkiaRenderer renderer(rasterCanvas);
    • not looked much yet. but i was hoping to declare that i got em.. but then i 'd get thi default constructor errr...
  • headers and stuff.. all imports into the headers? good way to strip unused imports?
  • i read a crazy way to generate. but really i'd like to be able to generate all frames as part of the loop.. that would feel “clean” to be fair i think i just rename i to frame and call it a day on the main loop :P