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#include "rive/artboard.hpp"
#include "rive/scene.hpp"
namespace rive {
class LinearAnimation;
class LinearAnimationInstance : public Scene {
const LinearAnimation* m_Animation = nullptr;
float m_Time;
float m_TotalTime;
float m_LastTotalTime;
float m_SpilledTime;
int m_Direction;
bool m_DidLoop;
int m_LoopValue = -1;
LinearAnimationInstance(const LinearAnimation*, ArtboardInstance*);
// Advance the animation by the specified time. Returns true if the
// animation will continue to animate after this advance.
bool advance(float seconds);
// Returns a pointer to the instance's animation
const LinearAnimation* animation() const { return m_Animation; }
// Returns the current point in time at which this instance has advance
// to
float time() const { return m_Time; }
// Returns the direction that we are currently playing in
float direction() const { return m_Direction; }
// Update the direction of the animation instance, positive value for
// forwards Negative for backwards
void direction(int direction) {
if (direction > 0) {
m_Direction = 1;
} else {
m_Direction = -1;
// Sets the animation's point in time.
void time(float value);
// Applies the animation instance to its artboard instance. The mix (a value
// between 0 and 1) is the strength at which the animation is mixed with
// other animations applied to the artboard.
void apply(float mix = 1.0f) const {
m_Animation->apply(m_ArtboardInstance, m_Time, mix);
// Set when the animation is advanced, true if the animation has stopped
// (oneShot), reached the end (loop), or changed direction (pingPong)
bool didLoop() const { return m_DidLoop; }
float totalTime() const { return m_TotalTime; }
float lastTotalTime() const { return m_LastTotalTime; }
float spilledTime() const { return m_SpilledTime; }
float durationSeconds() const override;
// Forwarded from animation
uint32_t fps() const;
uint32_t duration() const;
float speed() const;
float startSeconds() const;
// Returns either the animation's default or overridden loop values
Loop loop() const override { return (Loop)loopValue(); }
int loopValue() const;
// Override the animation's default loop
void loopValue(int value);
bool isTranslucent() const override;
bool advanceAndApply(float seconds) override;
std::string name() const override;
} // namespace rive