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#include "rive/shapes/paint/blend_mode.hpp"
#include "rive/shapes/path_space.hpp"
#include <vector>
namespace rive {
class Artboard;
class ShapePaint;
class Component;
class CommandPath;
class ShapePaintContainer {
friend class ShapePaint;
// Need this to access our artboard. We are treated as a mixin, either
// as a Shape or Artboard, so both of those will override this.
virtual Artboard* getArtboard() = 0;
PathSpace m_DefaultPathSpace = PathSpace::Neither;
std::vector<ShapePaint*> m_ShapePaints;
void addPaint(ShapePaint* paint);
// TODO: void draw(Renderer* renderer, PathComposer& composer);
static ShapePaintContainer* from(Component* component);
PathSpace pathSpace() const;
void invalidateStrokeEffects();
std::unique_ptr<CommandPath> makeCommandPath(PathSpace space);
} // namespace rive