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* Copyright 2022 Rive
#include "skia_factory.hpp"
#include "skia_renderer.hpp"
#include "to_skia.hpp"
#include "include/core/SkCanvas.h"
#include "include/core/SkData.h"
#include "include/core/SkImage.h"
#include "include/core/SkPaint.h"
#include "include/core/SkPath.h"
#include "include/core/SkVertices.h"
#include "include/effects/SkGradientShader.h"
#include "rive/math/vec2d.hpp"
#include "rive/shapes/paint/color.hpp"
using namespace rive;
class SkiaRenderPath : public RenderPath {
SkPath m_Path;
SkiaRenderPath() {}
SkiaRenderPath(SkPath&& path) : m_Path(std::move(path)) {}
const SkPath& path() const { return m_Path; }
void reset() override;
void addRenderPath(RenderPath* path, const Mat2D& transform) override;
void fillRule(FillRule value) override;
void moveTo(float x, float y) override;
void lineTo(float x, float y) override;
void cubicTo(float ox, float oy, float ix, float iy, float x, float y) override;
virtual void close() override;
class SkiaRenderPaint : public RenderPaint {
SkPaint m_Paint;
const SkPaint& paint() const { return m_Paint; }
void style(RenderPaintStyle style) override;
void color(unsigned int value) override;
void thickness(float value) override;
void join(StrokeJoin value) override;
void cap(StrokeCap value) override;
void blendMode(BlendMode value) override;
void shader(rcp<RenderShader>) override;
class SkiaRenderImage : public RenderImage {
sk_sp<SkImage> m_SkImage;
SkiaRenderImage(sk_sp<SkImage> image);
sk_sp<SkImage> skImage() const { return m_SkImage; }
makeShader(RenderTileMode tx, RenderTileMode ty, const Mat2D* localMatrix) const override;
class SkiaBuffer : public RenderBuffer {
const size_t m_ElemSize;
void* m_Buffer;
SkiaBuffer(const void* src, size_t count, size_t elemSize) :
RenderBuffer(count), m_ElemSize(elemSize) {
size_t bytes = count * elemSize;
m_Buffer = malloc(bytes);
memcpy(m_Buffer, src, bytes);
~SkiaBuffer() override { free(m_Buffer); }
const float* f32s() const {
assert(m_ElemSize == sizeof(float));
return static_cast<const float*>(m_Buffer);
const uint16_t* u16s() const {
assert(m_ElemSize == sizeof(uint16_t));
return static_cast<const uint16_t*>(m_Buffer);
const SkPoint* points() const { return reinterpret_cast<const SkPoint*>(this->f32s()); }
static const SkiaBuffer* Cast(const RenderBuffer* buffer) {
return reinterpret_cast<const SkiaBuffer*>(buffer);
template <typename T> rcp<RenderBuffer> make_buffer(Span<T> span) {
return rcp<RenderBuffer>(new SkiaBuffer(, span.size(), sizeof(T)));
class SkiaRenderShader : public RenderShader {
SkiaRenderShader(sk_sp<SkShader> sh) : shader(std::move(sh)) {}
sk_sp<SkShader> shader;
void SkiaRenderPath::fillRule(FillRule value) { m_Path.setFillType(ToSkia::convert(value)); }
void SkiaRenderPath::reset() { m_Path.reset(); }
void SkiaRenderPath::addRenderPath(RenderPath* path, const Mat2D& transform) {
m_Path.addPath(reinterpret_cast<SkiaRenderPath*>(path)->m_Path, ToSkia::convert(transform));
void SkiaRenderPath::moveTo(float x, float y) { m_Path.moveTo(x, y); }
void SkiaRenderPath::lineTo(float x, float y) { m_Path.lineTo(x, y); }
void SkiaRenderPath::cubicTo(float ox, float oy, float ix, float iy, float x, float y) {
m_Path.cubicTo(ox, oy, ix, iy, x, y);
void SkiaRenderPath::close() { m_Path.close(); }
SkiaRenderPaint::SkiaRenderPaint() { m_Paint.setAntiAlias(true); }
void SkiaRenderPaint::style(RenderPaintStyle style) {
switch (style) {
case RenderPaintStyle::fill:
case RenderPaintStyle::stroke:
void SkiaRenderPaint::color(unsigned int value) { m_Paint.setColor(value); }
void SkiaRenderPaint::thickness(float value) { m_Paint.setStrokeWidth(value); }
void SkiaRenderPaint::join(StrokeJoin value) { m_Paint.setStrokeJoin(ToSkia::convert(value)); }
void SkiaRenderPaint::cap(StrokeCap value) { m_Paint.setStrokeCap(ToSkia::convert(value)); }
void SkiaRenderPaint::blendMode(BlendMode value) { m_Paint.setBlendMode(ToSkia::convert(value)); }
void SkiaRenderPaint::shader(rcp<RenderShader> rsh) {
SkiaRenderShader* sksh = (SkiaRenderShader*)rsh.get();
m_Paint.setShader(sksh ? sksh->shader : nullptr);
void SkiaRenderer::save() { m_Canvas->save(); }
void SkiaRenderer::restore() { m_Canvas->restore(); }
void SkiaRenderer::transform(const Mat2D& transform) {
void SkiaRenderer::drawPath(RenderPath* path, RenderPaint* paint) {
void SkiaRenderer::clipPath(RenderPath* path) {
m_Canvas->clipPath(reinterpret_cast<SkiaRenderPath*>(path)->path(), true);
void SkiaRenderer::drawImage(const RenderImage* image, BlendMode blendMode, float opacity) {
SkPaint paint;
auto skiaImage = reinterpret_cast<const SkiaRenderImage*>(image);
SkSamplingOptions sampling(SkFilterMode::kLinear);
m_Canvas->drawImage(skiaImage->skImage(), 0.0f, 0.0f, sampling, &paint);
#define SKIA_BUG_13047
void SkiaRenderer::drawImageMesh(const RenderImage* image,
rcp<RenderBuffer> vertices,
rcp<RenderBuffer> uvCoords,
rcp<RenderBuffer> indices,
BlendMode blendMode,
float opacity) {
// need our vertices and uvs to agree
assert(vertices->count() == uvCoords->count());
// vertices and uvs are arrays of floats, so we need their counts to be
// even, since we treat them as arrays of points
assert((vertices->count() & 1) == 0);
const int vertexCount = vertices->count() >> 1;
SkMatrix scaleM;
const SkPoint* uvs = SkiaBuffer::Cast(uvCoords.get())->points();
#ifdef SKIA_BUG_13047
// The local matrix is ignored for drawVertices, so we have to manually scale
// the UVs to match Skia's convention...
std::vector<SkPoint> scaledUVs(vertexCount);
for (int i = 0; i < vertexCount; ++i) {
scaledUVs[i] = {uvs[i].fX * image->width(), uvs[i].fY * image->height()};
uvs =;
// We do this because our UVs are normalized, but Skia expects them to be
// sized to the shader (i.e. 0..width, 0..height).
// To accomdate this, we effectively scaling the image down to 0..1 to
// match the scale of the UVs.
scaleM = SkMatrix::Scale(2.0f / image->width(), 2.0f / image->height());
auto skiaImage = reinterpret_cast<const SkiaRenderImage*>(image)->skImage();
const SkSamplingOptions sampling(SkFilterMode::kLinear);
auto shader = skiaImage->makeShader(SkTileMode::kClamp, SkTileMode::kClamp, sampling, &scaleM);
SkPaint paint;
const SkColor* no_colors = nullptr;
auto vertexMode = SkVertices::kTriangles_VertexMode;
// clang-format off
auto vt = SkVertices::MakeCopy(vertexMode,
// clang-format on
// The blend mode is ignored if we don't have colors && uvs
m_Canvas->drawVertices(vt, SkBlendMode::kModulate, paint);
SkiaRenderImage::SkiaRenderImage(sk_sp<SkImage> image) : m_SkImage(std::move(image)) {
m_Width = m_SkImage->width();
m_Height = m_SkImage->height();
SkiaRenderImage::makeShader(RenderTileMode tx, RenderTileMode ty, const Mat2D* localMatrix) const {
const SkMatrix lm = localMatrix ? ToSkia::convert(*localMatrix) : SkMatrix();
const SkSamplingOptions options(SkFilterMode::kLinear);
auto sh = m_SkImage->makeShader(ToSkia::convert(tx), ToSkia::convert(ty), options, &lm);
return rcp<RenderShader>(new SkiaRenderShader(std::move(sh)));
// Factory
rcp<RenderBuffer> SkiaFactory::makeBufferU16(Span<const uint16_t> data) {
return make_buffer(data);
rcp<RenderBuffer> SkiaFactory::makeBufferU32(Span<const uint32_t> data) {
return make_buffer(data);
rcp<RenderBuffer> SkiaFactory::makeBufferF32(Span<const float> data) {
return make_buffer(data);
rcp<RenderShader> SkiaFactory::makeLinearGradient(float sx, float sy,
float ex, float ey,
const ColorInt colors[], // [count]
const float stops[], // [count]
int count,
RenderTileMode mode,
const Mat2D* localMatrix) {
const SkPoint pts[] = {{sx, sy}, {ex, ey}};
const SkMatrix lm = localMatrix ? ToSkia::convert(*localMatrix) : SkMatrix();
auto sh = SkGradientShader::MakeLinear(
pts, (const SkColor*)colors, stops, count, ToSkia::convert(mode), 0, &lm);
return rcp<RenderShader>(new SkiaRenderShader(std::move(sh)));
rcp<RenderShader> SkiaFactory::makeRadialGradient(float cx, float cy, float radius,
const ColorInt colors[], // [count]
const float stops[], // [count]
int count,
RenderTileMode mode,
const Mat2D* localMatrix) {
const SkMatrix lm = localMatrix ? ToSkia::convert(*localMatrix) : SkMatrix();
auto sh = SkGradientShader::MakeRadial(
{cx, cy}, radius, (const SkColor*)colors, stops, count, ToSkia::convert(mode), 0, &lm);
return rcp<RenderShader>(new SkiaRenderShader(std::move(sh)));
std::unique_ptr<RenderPath> SkiaFactory::makeRenderPath(Span<const Vec2D> points,
Span<const uint8_t> verbs,
FillRule fillRule) {
const bool isVolatile = false; // ???
const SkScalar* conicWeights = nullptr;
const int conicWeightCount = 0;
return std::make_unique<SkiaRenderPath>(SkPath::Make(reinterpret_cast<const SkPoint*>(,
std::unique_ptr<RenderPath> SkiaFactory::makeEmptyRenderPath() {
return std::make_unique<SkiaRenderPath>();
std::unique_ptr<RenderPaint> SkiaFactory::makeRenderPaint() {
return std::make_unique<SkiaRenderPaint>();
std::unique_ptr<RenderImage> SkiaFactory::decodeImage(Span<const uint8_t> encoded) {
sk_sp<SkData> data = SkData::MakeWithoutCopy(, encoded.size());
auto image = SkImage::MakeFromEncoded(data);
// Our optimized skia buld seems to have broken lazy-image decode.
// As a work-around for now, force the image to be decoded.
if (image) {
image = image->makeRasterImage();
return image ? std::make_unique<SkiaRenderImage>(std::move(image)) : nullptr;