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  1. PLEASE CAREFULLY READ: https://github.com/ocornut/imgui/issues/2261

  2. IF YOU ARE HAVING AN ISSUE COMPILING/LINKING/RUNNING/DISPLAYING/ADDING FONTS, please post on the “Getting Started” Discourse forum: https://discourse.dearimgui.org/c/getting-started

  3. PLEASE MAKE SURE that you have: read the FAQ in imgui.cpp; explored the contents of ShowDemoWindow() including the Examples menu; searched among Issues; used your IDE to search for keywords in all sources and text files; and read the link provided in (1).

  4. Delete points 1-4 and PLEASE FILL THE TEMPLATE BELOW before submitting your issue.

(you may also go to Demo>About Window, and click “Config/Build Information” to obtain a bunch of detailed information that you can paste here)

Version/Branch of Dear ImGui:

Version: XXX Branch: XXX (master/viewport/docking/etc.)


Back-ends: imgui_impl_XXX.cpp + imgui_impl_XXX.cpp (or specify if using a custom engine/back-end) Compiler: XXX (if the question is related to building or platform specific features) Operating System: XXX

My Issue/Question:

XXX (please provide as much context as possible)


XXX (you can drag files here)

Standalone, minimal, complete and verifiable example: (see https://github.com/ocornut/imgui/issues/2261)

// Please do not forget this!
ImGui::Begin("Example Bug");