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  2. imconfig_allegro5.h
  3. imgui_impl_allegro5.cpp
  4. imgui_impl_allegro5.h
  5. main.cpp


Dear ImGui outputs 16-bit vertex indices by default. Allegro doesn‘t support them natively, so we have two solutions: convert the indices manually in imgui_impl_allegro5.cpp, or compile imgui with 32-bit indices. You can either modify imconfig.h that comes with Dear ImGui (easier), or set a C++ preprocessor option IMGUI_USER_CONFIG to find to a filename. We are providing imconfig_allegro5.h that enables 32-bit indices. Note that the back-end supports BOTH 16-bit and 32-bit indices, but 32-bit indices will be slightly faster as they won’t require a manual conversion.

How to Build

  • On Ubuntu 14.04+
g++ -DIMGUI_USER_CONFIG=\"examples/allegro5_example/imconfig_allegro5.h\" -I ../.. main.cpp imgui_impl_allegro5.cpp ../../imgui*.cpp -lallegro -lallegro_primitives -o allegro5_example
  • On Windows with Visual Studio's CLI
set ALLEGRODIR=path_to_your_allegro5_folder
cl /Zi /MD /I %ALLEGRODIR%\include /DIMGUI_USER_CONFIG=\"examples/allegro5_example/imconfig_allegro5.h\" /I ..\.. main.cpp imgui_impl_allegro5.cpp ..\..\imgui*.cpp /link /LIBPATH:%ALLEGRODIR%\lib allegro-5.0.10-monolith-md.lib user32.lib