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// dear imgui: Platform Backend for GLFW
// This needs to be used along with a Renderer (e.g. OpenGL3, Vulkan, WebGPU..)
// (Info: GLFW is a cross-platform general purpose library for handling windows, inputs, OpenGL/Vulkan graphics context creation, etc.)
// (Requires: GLFW 3.1+)
// Implemented features:
// [X] Platform: Clipboard support.
// [X] Platform: Keyboard support. Since 1.87 we are using the io.AddKeyEvent() function. Pass ImGuiKey values to all key functions e.g. ImGui::IsKeyPressed(ImGuiKey_Space). [Legacy GLFW_KEY_* values will also be supported unless IMGUI_DISABLE_OBSOLETE_KEYIO is set]
// [X] Platform: Gamepad support. Enable with 'io.ConfigFlags |= ImGuiConfigFlags_NavEnableGamepad'.
// [X] Platform: Mouse cursor shape and visibility. Disable with 'io.ConfigFlags |= ImGuiConfigFlags_NoMouseCursorChange' (note: the resizing cursors requires GLFW 3.4+).
// You can use unmodified imgui_impl_* files in your project. See examples/ folder for examples of using this.
// Prefer including the entire imgui/ repository into your project (either as a copy or as a submodule), and only build the backends you need.
// If you are new to Dear ImGui, read documentation from the docs/ folder + read the top of imgui.cpp.
// Read online:
// (minor and older changes stripped away, please see git history for details)
// 2023-02-02: Inputs: Scaling X value on Emscripten (bug?). (#4019, #6096)
// 2023-01-04: Inputs: Fixed mods state on Linux when using Alt-GR text input (e.g. German keyboard layout), could lead to broken text input. Revert a 2022/01/17 change were we resumed using mods provided by GLFW, turns out they were faulty.
// 2022-11-22: Perform a dummy glfwGetError() read to cancel missing names with glfwGetKeyName(). (#5908)
// 2022-10-18: Perform a dummy glfwGetError() read to cancel missing mouse cursors errors. Using GLFW_VERSION_COMBINED directly. (#5785)
// 2022-10-11: Using 'nullptr' instead of 'NULL' as per our switch to C++11.
// 2022-09-26: Inputs: Renamed ImGuiKey_ModXXX introduced in 1.87 to ImGuiMod_XXX (old names still supported).
// 2022-09-01: Inputs: Honor GLFW_CURSOR_DISABLED by not setting mouse position.
// 2022-04-30: Inputs: Fixed ImGui_ImplGlfw_TranslateUntranslatedKey() for lower case letters on OSX.
// 2022-03-23: Inputs: Fixed a regression in 1.87 which resulted in keyboard modifiers events being reported incorrectly on Linux/X11.
// 2022-02-07: Added ImGui_ImplGlfw_InstallCallbacks()/ImGui_ImplGlfw_RestoreCallbacks() helpers to facilitate user installing callbacks after initializing backend.
// 2022-01-26: Inputs: replaced short-lived io.AddKeyModsEvent() (added two weeks ago) with io.AddKeyEvent() using ImGuiKey_ModXXX flags. Sorry for the confusion.
// 2021-01-20: Inputs: calling new io.AddKeyAnalogEvent() for gamepad support, instead of writing directly to io.NavInputs[].
// 2022-01-17: Inputs: calling new io.AddMousePosEvent(), io.AddMouseButtonEvent(), io.AddMouseWheelEvent() API (1.87+).
// 2022-01-17: Inputs: always update key mods next and before key event (not in NewFrame) to fix input queue with very low framerates.
// 2022-01-12: *BREAKING CHANGE*: Now using glfwSetCursorPosCallback(). If you called ImGui_ImplGlfw_InitXXX() with install_callbacks = false, you MUST install glfwSetCursorPosCallback() and forward it to the backend via ImGui_ImplGlfw_CursorPosCallback().
// 2022-01-10: Inputs: calling new io.AddKeyEvent(), io.AddKeyModsEvent() + io.SetKeyEventNativeData() API (1.87+). Support for full ImGuiKey range.
// 2022-01-05: Inputs: Converting GLFW untranslated keycodes back to translated keycodes (in the ImGui_ImplGlfw_KeyCallback() function) in order to match the behavior of every other backend, and facilitate the use of GLFW with lettered-shortcuts API.
// 2021-08-17: *BREAKING CHANGE*: Now using glfwSetWindowFocusCallback() to calling io.AddFocusEvent(). If you called ImGui_ImplGlfw_InitXXX() with install_callbacks = false, you MUST install glfwSetWindowFocusCallback() and forward it to the backend via ImGui_ImplGlfw_WindowFocusCallback().
// 2021-07-29: *BREAKING CHANGE*: Now using glfwSetCursorEnterCallback(). MousePos is correctly reported when the host platform window is hovered but not focused. If you called ImGui_ImplGlfw_InitXXX() with install_callbacks = false, you MUST install glfwSetWindowFocusCallback() callback and forward it to the backend via ImGui_ImplGlfw_CursorEnterCallback().
// 2021-06-29: Reorganized backend to pull data from a single structure to facilitate usage with multiple-contexts (all g_XXXX access changed to bd->XXXX).
// 2020-01-17: Inputs: Disable error callback while assigning mouse cursors because some X11 setup don't have them and it generates errors.
// 2019-12-05: Inputs: Added support for new mouse cursors added in GLFW 3.4+ (resizing cursors, not allowed cursor).
// 2019-10-18: Misc: Previously installed user callbacks are now restored on shutdown.
// 2019-07-21: Inputs: Added mapping for ImGuiKey_KeyPadEnter.
// 2019-05-11: Inputs: Don't filter value from character callback before calling AddInputCharacter().
// 2019-03-12: Misc: Preserve DisplayFramebufferScale when main window is minimized.
// 2018-11-30: Misc: Setting up io.BackendPlatformName so it can be displayed in the About Window.
// 2018-11-07: Inputs: When installing our GLFW callbacks, we save user's previously installed ones - if any - and chain call them.
// 2018-08-01: Inputs: Workaround for Emscripten which doesn't seem to handle focus related calls.
// 2018-06-29: Inputs: Added support for the ImGuiMouseCursor_Hand cursor.
// 2018-06-08: Misc: Extracted imgui_impl_glfw.cpp/.h away from the old combined GLFW+OpenGL/Vulkan examples.
// 2018-03-20: Misc: Setup io.BackendFlags ImGuiBackendFlags_HasMouseCursors flag + honor ImGuiConfigFlags_NoMouseCursorChange flag.
// 2018-02-20: Inputs: Added support for mouse cursors (ImGui::GetMouseCursor() value, passed to glfwSetCursor()).
// 2018-02-06: Misc: Removed call to ImGui::Shutdown() which is not available from 1.60 WIP, user needs to call CreateContext/DestroyContext themselves.
// 2018-02-06: Inputs: Added mapping for ImGuiKey_Space.
// 2018-01-25: Inputs: Added gamepad support if ImGuiConfigFlags_NavEnableGamepad is set.
// 2018-01-25: Inputs: Honoring the io.WantSetMousePos by repositioning the mouse (when using navigation and ImGuiConfigFlags_NavMoveMouse is set).
// 2018-01-20: Inputs: Added Horizontal Mouse Wheel support.
// 2018-01-18: Inputs: Added mapping for ImGuiKey_Insert.
// 2017-08-25: Inputs: MousePos set to -FLT_MAX,-FLT_MAX when mouse is unavailable/missing (instead of -1,-1).
// 2016-10-15: Misc: Added a void* user_data parameter to Clipboard function handlers.
#include "imgui.h"
#include "imgui_impl_glfw.h"
// Clang warnings with -Weverything
#if defined(__clang__)
#pragma clang diagnostic push
#pragma clang diagnostic ignored "-Wold-style-cast" // warning: use of old-style cast
#pragma clang diagnostic ignored "-Wsign-conversion" // warning: implicit conversion changes signedness
#include <GLFW/glfw3.h>
#ifdef _WIN32
#include <GLFW/glfw3native.h> // for glfwGetWin32Window
#ifdef __EMSCRIPTEN__
#include <emscripten.h>
#include <emscripten/html5.h>
//#include "imgui_internal.h" // IMGUI_DEBUG_LOG()
// We gather version tests as define in order to easily see which features are version-dependent.
#ifdef GLFW_RESIZE_NESW_CURSOR // Let's be nice to people who pulled GLFW between 2019-04-16 (3.4 define) and 2019-11-29 (cursors defines) // FIXME: Remove when GLFW 3.4 is released?
#define GLFW_HAS_GAMEPAD_API (GLFW_VERSION_COMBINED >= 3300) // 3.3+ glfwGetGamepadState() new api
#define GLFW_HAS_GETKEYNAME (GLFW_VERSION_COMBINED >= 3200) // 3.2+ glfwGetKeyName()
// GLFW data
enum GlfwClientApi
struct ImGui_ImplGlfw_Data
GLFWwindow* Window;
GlfwClientApi ClientApi;
double Time;
GLFWwindow* MouseWindow;
GLFWcursor* MouseCursors[ImGuiMouseCursor_COUNT];
ImVec2 LastValidMousePos;
bool InstalledCallbacks;
// Chain GLFW callbacks: our callbacks will call the user's previously installed callbacks, if any.
GLFWwindowfocusfun PrevUserCallbackWindowFocus;
GLFWcursorposfun PrevUserCallbackCursorPos;
GLFWcursorenterfun PrevUserCallbackCursorEnter;
GLFWmousebuttonfun PrevUserCallbackMousebutton;
GLFWscrollfun PrevUserCallbackScroll;
GLFWkeyfun PrevUserCallbackKey;
GLFWcharfun PrevUserCallbackChar;
GLFWmonitorfun PrevUserCallbackMonitor;
ImGui_ImplGlfw_Data() { memset((void*)this, 0, sizeof(*this)); }
// Backend data stored in io.BackendPlatformUserData to allow support for multiple Dear ImGui contexts
// It is STRONGLY preferred that you use docking branch with multi-viewports (== single Dear ImGui context + multiple windows) instead of multiple Dear ImGui contexts.
// FIXME: multi-context support is not well tested and probably dysfunctional in this backend.
// - Because glfwPollEvents() process all windows and some events may be called outside of it, you will need to register your own callbacks
// (passing install_callbacks=false in ImGui_ImplGlfw_InitXXX functions), set the current dear imgui context and then call our callbacks.
// - Otherwise we may need to store a GLFWWindow* -> ImGuiContext* map and handle this in the backend, adding a little bit of extra complexity to it.
// FIXME: some shared resources (mouse cursor shape, gamepad) are mishandled when using multi-context.
static ImGui_ImplGlfw_Data* ImGui_ImplGlfw_GetBackendData()
return ImGui::GetCurrentContext() ? (ImGui_ImplGlfw_Data*)ImGui::GetIO().BackendPlatformUserData : nullptr;
// Functions
static const char* ImGui_ImplGlfw_GetClipboardText(void* user_data)
return glfwGetClipboardString((GLFWwindow*)user_data);
static void ImGui_ImplGlfw_SetClipboardText(void* user_data, const char* text)
glfwSetClipboardString((GLFWwindow*)user_data, text);
static ImGuiKey ImGui_ImplGlfw_KeyToImGuiKey(int key)
switch (key)
case GLFW_KEY_TAB: return ImGuiKey_Tab;
case GLFW_KEY_LEFT: return ImGuiKey_LeftArrow;
case GLFW_KEY_RIGHT: return ImGuiKey_RightArrow;
case GLFW_KEY_UP: return ImGuiKey_UpArrow;
case GLFW_KEY_DOWN: return ImGuiKey_DownArrow;
case GLFW_KEY_PAGE_UP: return ImGuiKey_PageUp;
case GLFW_KEY_PAGE_DOWN: return ImGuiKey_PageDown;
case GLFW_KEY_HOME: return ImGuiKey_Home;
case GLFW_KEY_END: return ImGuiKey_End;
case GLFW_KEY_INSERT: return ImGuiKey_Insert;
case GLFW_KEY_DELETE: return ImGuiKey_Delete;
case GLFW_KEY_BACKSPACE: return ImGuiKey_Backspace;
case GLFW_KEY_SPACE: return ImGuiKey_Space;
case GLFW_KEY_ENTER: return ImGuiKey_Enter;
case GLFW_KEY_ESCAPE: return ImGuiKey_Escape;
case GLFW_KEY_APOSTROPHE: return ImGuiKey_Apostrophe;
case GLFW_KEY_COMMA: return ImGuiKey_Comma;
case GLFW_KEY_MINUS: return ImGuiKey_Minus;
case GLFW_KEY_PERIOD: return ImGuiKey_Period;
case GLFW_KEY_SLASH: return ImGuiKey_Slash;
case GLFW_KEY_SEMICOLON: return ImGuiKey_Semicolon;
case GLFW_KEY_EQUAL: return ImGuiKey_Equal;
case GLFW_KEY_LEFT_BRACKET: return ImGuiKey_LeftBracket;
case GLFW_KEY_BACKSLASH: return ImGuiKey_Backslash;
case GLFW_KEY_RIGHT_BRACKET: return ImGuiKey_RightBracket;
case GLFW_KEY_GRAVE_ACCENT: return ImGuiKey_GraveAccent;
case GLFW_KEY_CAPS_LOCK: return ImGuiKey_CapsLock;
case GLFW_KEY_SCROLL_LOCK: return ImGuiKey_ScrollLock;
case GLFW_KEY_NUM_LOCK: return ImGuiKey_NumLock;
case GLFW_KEY_PRINT_SCREEN: return ImGuiKey_PrintScreen;
case GLFW_KEY_PAUSE: return ImGuiKey_Pause;
case GLFW_KEY_KP_0: return ImGuiKey_Keypad0;
case GLFW_KEY_KP_1: return ImGuiKey_Keypad1;
case GLFW_KEY_KP_2: return ImGuiKey_Keypad2;
case GLFW_KEY_KP_3: return ImGuiKey_Keypad3;
case GLFW_KEY_KP_4: return ImGuiKey_Keypad4;
case GLFW_KEY_KP_5: return ImGuiKey_Keypad5;
case GLFW_KEY_KP_6: return ImGuiKey_Keypad6;
case GLFW_KEY_KP_7: return ImGuiKey_Keypad7;
case GLFW_KEY_KP_8: return ImGuiKey_Keypad8;
case GLFW_KEY_KP_9: return ImGuiKey_Keypad9;
case GLFW_KEY_KP_DECIMAL: return ImGuiKey_KeypadDecimal;
case GLFW_KEY_KP_DIVIDE: return ImGuiKey_KeypadDivide;
case GLFW_KEY_KP_MULTIPLY: return ImGuiKey_KeypadMultiply;
case GLFW_KEY_KP_SUBTRACT: return ImGuiKey_KeypadSubtract;
case GLFW_KEY_KP_ADD: return ImGuiKey_KeypadAdd;
case GLFW_KEY_KP_ENTER: return ImGuiKey_KeypadEnter;
case GLFW_KEY_KP_EQUAL: return ImGuiKey_KeypadEqual;
case GLFW_KEY_LEFT_SHIFT: return ImGuiKey_LeftShift;
case GLFW_KEY_LEFT_CONTROL: return ImGuiKey_LeftCtrl;
case GLFW_KEY_LEFT_ALT: return ImGuiKey_LeftAlt;
case GLFW_KEY_LEFT_SUPER: return ImGuiKey_LeftSuper;
case GLFW_KEY_RIGHT_SHIFT: return ImGuiKey_RightShift;
case GLFW_KEY_RIGHT_CONTROL: return ImGuiKey_RightCtrl;
case GLFW_KEY_RIGHT_ALT: return ImGuiKey_RightAlt;
case GLFW_KEY_RIGHT_SUPER: return ImGuiKey_RightSuper;
case GLFW_KEY_MENU: return ImGuiKey_Menu;
case GLFW_KEY_0: return ImGuiKey_0;
case GLFW_KEY_1: return ImGuiKey_1;
case GLFW_KEY_2: return ImGuiKey_2;
case GLFW_KEY_3: return ImGuiKey_3;
case GLFW_KEY_4: return ImGuiKey_4;
case GLFW_KEY_5: return ImGuiKey_5;
case GLFW_KEY_6: return ImGuiKey_6;
case GLFW_KEY_7: return ImGuiKey_7;
case GLFW_KEY_8: return ImGuiKey_8;
case GLFW_KEY_9: return ImGuiKey_9;
case GLFW_KEY_A: return ImGuiKey_A;
case GLFW_KEY_B: return ImGuiKey_B;
case GLFW_KEY_C: return ImGuiKey_C;
case GLFW_KEY_D: return ImGuiKey_D;
case GLFW_KEY_E: return ImGuiKey_E;
case GLFW_KEY_F: return ImGuiKey_F;
case GLFW_KEY_G: return ImGuiKey_G;
case GLFW_KEY_H: return ImGuiKey_H;
case GLFW_KEY_I: return ImGuiKey_I;
case GLFW_KEY_J: return ImGuiKey_J;
case GLFW_KEY_K: return ImGuiKey_K;
case GLFW_KEY_L: return ImGuiKey_L;
case GLFW_KEY_M: return ImGuiKey_M;
case GLFW_KEY_N: return ImGuiKey_N;
case GLFW_KEY_O: return ImGuiKey_O;
case GLFW_KEY_P: return ImGuiKey_P;
case GLFW_KEY_Q: return ImGuiKey_Q;
case GLFW_KEY_R: return ImGuiKey_R;
case GLFW_KEY_S: return ImGuiKey_S;
case GLFW_KEY_T: return ImGuiKey_T;
case GLFW_KEY_U: return ImGuiKey_U;
case GLFW_KEY_V: return ImGuiKey_V;
case GLFW_KEY_W: return ImGuiKey_W;
case GLFW_KEY_X: return ImGuiKey_X;
case GLFW_KEY_Y: return ImGuiKey_Y;
case GLFW_KEY_Z: return ImGuiKey_Z;
case GLFW_KEY_F1: return ImGuiKey_F1;
case GLFW_KEY_F2: return ImGuiKey_F2;
case GLFW_KEY_F3: return ImGuiKey_F3;
case GLFW_KEY_F4: return ImGuiKey_F4;
case GLFW_KEY_F5: return ImGuiKey_F5;
case GLFW_KEY_F6: return ImGuiKey_F6;
case GLFW_KEY_F7: return ImGuiKey_F7;
case GLFW_KEY_F8: return ImGuiKey_F8;
case GLFW_KEY_F9: return ImGuiKey_F9;
case GLFW_KEY_F10: return ImGuiKey_F10;
case GLFW_KEY_F11: return ImGuiKey_F11;
case GLFW_KEY_F12: return ImGuiKey_F12;
default: return ImGuiKey_None;
// X11 does not include current pressed/released modifier key in 'mods' flags submitted by GLFW
// See and
static void ImGui_ImplGlfw_UpdateKeyModifiers()
ImGuiIO& io = ImGui::GetIO();
ImGui_ImplGlfw_Data* bd = ImGui_ImplGlfw_GetBackendData();
io.AddKeyEvent(ImGuiMod_Ctrl, (glfwGetKey(bd->Window, GLFW_KEY_LEFT_CONTROL) == GLFW_PRESS) || (glfwGetKey(bd->Window, GLFW_KEY_RIGHT_CONTROL) == GLFW_PRESS));
io.AddKeyEvent(ImGuiMod_Shift, (glfwGetKey(bd->Window, GLFW_KEY_LEFT_SHIFT) == GLFW_PRESS) || (glfwGetKey(bd->Window, GLFW_KEY_RIGHT_SHIFT) == GLFW_PRESS));
io.AddKeyEvent(ImGuiMod_Alt, (glfwGetKey(bd->Window, GLFW_KEY_LEFT_ALT) == GLFW_PRESS) || (glfwGetKey(bd->Window, GLFW_KEY_RIGHT_ALT) == GLFW_PRESS));
io.AddKeyEvent(ImGuiMod_Super, (glfwGetKey(bd->Window, GLFW_KEY_LEFT_SUPER) == GLFW_PRESS) || (glfwGetKey(bd->Window, GLFW_KEY_RIGHT_SUPER) == GLFW_PRESS));
void ImGui_ImplGlfw_MouseButtonCallback(GLFWwindow* window, int button, int action, int mods)
ImGui_ImplGlfw_Data* bd = ImGui_ImplGlfw_GetBackendData();
if (bd->PrevUserCallbackMousebutton != nullptr && window == bd->Window)
bd->PrevUserCallbackMousebutton(window, button, action, mods);
ImGuiIO& io = ImGui::GetIO();
if (button >= 0 && button < ImGuiMouseButton_COUNT)
io.AddMouseButtonEvent(button, action == GLFW_PRESS);
void ImGui_ImplGlfw_ScrollCallback(GLFWwindow* window, double xoffset, double yoffset)
ImGui_ImplGlfw_Data* bd = ImGui_ImplGlfw_GetBackendData();
if (bd->PrevUserCallbackScroll != nullptr && window == bd->Window)
bd->PrevUserCallbackScroll(window, xoffset, yoffset);
#ifdef __EMSCRIPTEN__
// Ignore GLFW events: will be process by Emscripten's specific ImGui_ImplEmscripten_WheelCallback().
//IMGUI_DEBUG_LOG("[GLFW] dx: %g, dy: %g\n", xoffset, yoffset);
ImGuiIO& io = ImGui::GetIO();
io.AddMouseWheelEvent((float)xoffset, (float)yoffset);
static int ImGui_ImplGlfw_TranslateUntranslatedKey(int key, int scancode)
// GLFW 3.1+ attempts to "untranslate" keys, which goes the opposite of what every other framework does, making using lettered shortcuts difficult.
// (It had reasons to do so: namely GLFW is/was more likely to be used for WASD-type game controls rather than lettered shortcuts, but IHMO the 3.1 change could have been done differently)
// See for details.
// Adding a workaround to undo this (so our keys are translated->untranslated->translated, likely a lossy process).
// This won't cover edge cases but this is at least going to cover common cases.
if (key >= GLFW_KEY_KP_0 && key <= GLFW_KEY_KP_EQUAL)
return key;
GLFWerrorfun prev_error_callback = glfwSetErrorCallback(nullptr);
const char* key_name = glfwGetKeyName(key, scancode);
#if (GLFW_VERSION_COMBINED >= 3300) // Eat errors (see #5908)
if (key_name && key_name[0] != 0 && key_name[1] == 0)
const char char_names[] = "`-=[]\\,;\'./";
IM_ASSERT(IM_ARRAYSIZE(char_names) == IM_ARRAYSIZE(char_keys));
if (key_name[0] >= '0' && key_name[0] <= '9') { key = GLFW_KEY_0 + (key_name[0] - '0'); }
else if (key_name[0] >= 'A' && key_name[0] <= 'Z') { key = GLFW_KEY_A + (key_name[0] - 'A'); }
else if (key_name[0] >= 'a' && key_name[0] <= 'z') { key = GLFW_KEY_A + (key_name[0] - 'a'); }
else if (const char* p = strchr(char_names, key_name[0])) { key = char_keys[p - char_names]; }
// if (action == GLFW_PRESS) printf("key %d scancode %d name '%s'\n", key, scancode, key_name);
return key;
void ImGui_ImplGlfw_KeyCallback(GLFWwindow* window, int keycode, int scancode, int action, int mods)
ImGui_ImplGlfw_Data* bd = ImGui_ImplGlfw_GetBackendData();
if (bd->PrevUserCallbackKey != nullptr && window == bd->Window)
bd->PrevUserCallbackKey(window, keycode, scancode, action, mods);
if (action != GLFW_PRESS && action != GLFW_RELEASE)
keycode = ImGui_ImplGlfw_TranslateUntranslatedKey(keycode, scancode);
ImGuiIO& io = ImGui::GetIO();
ImGuiKey imgui_key = ImGui_ImplGlfw_KeyToImGuiKey(keycode);
io.AddKeyEvent(imgui_key, (action == GLFW_PRESS));
io.SetKeyEventNativeData(imgui_key, keycode, scancode); // To support legacy indexing (<1.87 user code)
void ImGui_ImplGlfw_WindowFocusCallback(GLFWwindow* window, int focused)
ImGui_ImplGlfw_Data* bd = ImGui_ImplGlfw_GetBackendData();
if (bd->PrevUserCallbackWindowFocus != nullptr && window == bd->Window)
bd->PrevUserCallbackWindowFocus(window, focused);
ImGuiIO& io = ImGui::GetIO();
io.AddFocusEvent(focused != 0);
void ImGui_ImplGlfw_CursorPosCallback(GLFWwindow* window, double x, double y)
ImGui_ImplGlfw_Data* bd = ImGui_ImplGlfw_GetBackendData();
if (bd->PrevUserCallbackCursorPos != nullptr && window == bd->Window)
bd->PrevUserCallbackCursorPos(window, x, y);
if (glfwGetInputMode(window, GLFW_CURSOR) == GLFW_CURSOR_DISABLED)
ImGuiIO& io = ImGui::GetIO();
io.AddMousePosEvent((float)x, (float)y);
bd->LastValidMousePos = ImVec2((float)x, (float)y);
// Workaround: X11 seems to send spurious Leave/Enter events which would make us lose our position,
// so we back it up and restore on Leave/Enter (see
void ImGui_ImplGlfw_CursorEnterCallback(GLFWwindow* window, int entered)
ImGui_ImplGlfw_Data* bd = ImGui_ImplGlfw_GetBackendData();
if (bd->PrevUserCallbackCursorEnter != nullptr && window == bd->Window)
bd->PrevUserCallbackCursorEnter(window, entered);
if (glfwGetInputMode(window, GLFW_CURSOR) == GLFW_CURSOR_DISABLED)
ImGuiIO& io = ImGui::GetIO();
if (entered)
bd->MouseWindow = window;
io.AddMousePosEvent(bd->LastValidMousePos.x, bd->LastValidMousePos.y);
else if (!entered && bd->MouseWindow == window)
bd->LastValidMousePos = io.MousePos;
bd->MouseWindow = nullptr;
io.AddMousePosEvent(-FLT_MAX, -FLT_MAX);
void ImGui_ImplGlfw_CharCallback(GLFWwindow* window, unsigned int c)
ImGui_ImplGlfw_Data* bd = ImGui_ImplGlfw_GetBackendData();
if (bd->PrevUserCallbackChar != nullptr && window == bd->Window)
bd->PrevUserCallbackChar(window, c);
ImGuiIO& io = ImGui::GetIO();
void ImGui_ImplGlfw_MonitorCallback(GLFWmonitor*, int)
// Unused in 'master' branch but 'docking' branch will use this, so we declare it ahead of it so if you have to install callbacks you can install this one too.
#ifdef __EMSCRIPTEN__
static EM_BOOL ImGui_ImplEmscripten_WheelCallback(int, const EmscriptenWheelEvent* ev, void*)
// Mimic Emscripten_HandleWheel() in SDL.
// Corresponding equivalent in GLFW JS emulation layer has incorrect quantizing preventing small values. See #6096
float multiplier = 0.0f;
switch (ev->deltaMode)
case DOM_DELTA_PIXEL: multiplier = 1.0f / 100.0f; break; // 100 pixels make up a step.
case DOM_DELTA_LINE: multiplier = 1.0f / 3.0f; break; // 3 lines make up a step.
case DOM_DELTA_PAGE: multiplier = 80.0f; break; // A page makes up 80 steps.
float wheel_x = ev->deltaX * -multiplier;
float wheel_y = ev->deltaY * -multiplier;
//IMGUI_DEBUG_LOG("[Em] mode %d dx: %.2f, dy: %.2f, dz: %.2f --> feed %.2f %.2f\n", (int)ev->deltaMode, ev->deltaX, ev->deltaY, ev->deltaZ, wheel_x, wheel_y);
ImGuiIO& io = ImGui::GetIO();
io.AddMouseWheelEvent(wheel_x, wheel_y);
return EM_TRUE;
void ImGui_ImplGlfw_InstallCallbacks(GLFWwindow* window)
ImGui_ImplGlfw_Data* bd = ImGui_ImplGlfw_GetBackendData();
IM_ASSERT(bd->InstalledCallbacks == false && "Callbacks already installed!");
IM_ASSERT(bd->Window == window);
bd->PrevUserCallbackWindowFocus = glfwSetWindowFocusCallback(window, ImGui_ImplGlfw_WindowFocusCallback);
bd->PrevUserCallbackCursorEnter = glfwSetCursorEnterCallback(window, ImGui_ImplGlfw_CursorEnterCallback);
bd->PrevUserCallbackCursorPos = glfwSetCursorPosCallback(window, ImGui_ImplGlfw_CursorPosCallback);
bd->PrevUserCallbackMousebutton = glfwSetMouseButtonCallback(window, ImGui_ImplGlfw_MouseButtonCallback);
bd->PrevUserCallbackScroll = glfwSetScrollCallback(window, ImGui_ImplGlfw_ScrollCallback);
bd->PrevUserCallbackKey = glfwSetKeyCallback(window, ImGui_ImplGlfw_KeyCallback);
bd->PrevUserCallbackChar = glfwSetCharCallback(window, ImGui_ImplGlfw_CharCallback);
bd->PrevUserCallbackMonitor = glfwSetMonitorCallback(ImGui_ImplGlfw_MonitorCallback);
bd->InstalledCallbacks = true;
void ImGui_ImplGlfw_RestoreCallbacks(GLFWwindow* window)
ImGui_ImplGlfw_Data* bd = ImGui_ImplGlfw_GetBackendData();
IM_ASSERT(bd->InstalledCallbacks == true && "Callbacks not installed!");
IM_ASSERT(bd->Window == window);
glfwSetWindowFocusCallback(window, bd->PrevUserCallbackWindowFocus);
glfwSetCursorEnterCallback(window, bd->PrevUserCallbackCursorEnter);
glfwSetCursorPosCallback(window, bd->PrevUserCallbackCursorPos);
glfwSetMouseButtonCallback(window, bd->PrevUserCallbackMousebutton);
glfwSetScrollCallback(window, bd->PrevUserCallbackScroll);
glfwSetKeyCallback(window, bd->PrevUserCallbackKey);
glfwSetCharCallback(window, bd->PrevUserCallbackChar);
bd->InstalledCallbacks = false;
bd->PrevUserCallbackWindowFocus = nullptr;
bd->PrevUserCallbackCursorEnter = nullptr;
bd->PrevUserCallbackCursorPos = nullptr;
bd->PrevUserCallbackMousebutton = nullptr;
bd->PrevUserCallbackScroll = nullptr;
bd->PrevUserCallbackKey = nullptr;
bd->PrevUserCallbackChar = nullptr;
bd->PrevUserCallbackMonitor = nullptr;
static bool ImGui_ImplGlfw_Init(GLFWwindow* window, bool install_callbacks, GlfwClientApi client_api)
ImGuiIO& io = ImGui::GetIO();
IM_ASSERT(io.BackendPlatformUserData == nullptr && "Already initialized a platform backend!");
// Setup backend capabilities flags
ImGui_ImplGlfw_Data* bd = IM_NEW(ImGui_ImplGlfw_Data)();
io.BackendPlatformUserData = (void*)bd;
io.BackendPlatformName = "imgui_impl_glfw";
io.BackendFlags |= ImGuiBackendFlags_HasMouseCursors; // We can honor GetMouseCursor() values (optional)
io.BackendFlags |= ImGuiBackendFlags_HasSetMousePos; // We can honor io.WantSetMousePos requests (optional, rarely used)
bd->Window = window;
bd->Time = 0.0;
io.SetClipboardTextFn = ImGui_ImplGlfw_SetClipboardText;
io.GetClipboardTextFn = ImGui_ImplGlfw_GetClipboardText;
io.ClipboardUserData = bd->Window;
// Set platform dependent data in viewport
#if defined(_WIN32)
ImGui::GetMainViewport()->PlatformHandleRaw = (void*)glfwGetWin32Window(bd->Window);
// Create mouse cursors
// (By design, on X11 cursors are user configurable and some cursors may be missing. When a cursor doesn't exist,
// GLFW will emit an error which will often be printed by the app, so we temporarily disable error reporting.
// Missing cursors will return nullptr and our _UpdateMouseCursor() function will use the Arrow cursor instead.)
GLFWerrorfun prev_error_callback = glfwSetErrorCallback(nullptr);
bd->MouseCursors[ImGuiMouseCursor_Arrow] = glfwCreateStandardCursor(GLFW_ARROW_CURSOR);
bd->MouseCursors[ImGuiMouseCursor_TextInput] = glfwCreateStandardCursor(GLFW_IBEAM_CURSOR);
bd->MouseCursors[ImGuiMouseCursor_ResizeNS] = glfwCreateStandardCursor(GLFW_VRESIZE_CURSOR);
bd->MouseCursors[ImGuiMouseCursor_ResizeEW] = glfwCreateStandardCursor(GLFW_HRESIZE_CURSOR);
bd->MouseCursors[ImGuiMouseCursor_Hand] = glfwCreateStandardCursor(GLFW_HAND_CURSOR);
bd->MouseCursors[ImGuiMouseCursor_ResizeAll] = glfwCreateStandardCursor(GLFW_RESIZE_ALL_CURSOR);
bd->MouseCursors[ImGuiMouseCursor_ResizeNESW] = glfwCreateStandardCursor(GLFW_RESIZE_NESW_CURSOR);
bd->MouseCursors[ImGuiMouseCursor_ResizeNWSE] = glfwCreateStandardCursor(GLFW_RESIZE_NWSE_CURSOR);
bd->MouseCursors[ImGuiMouseCursor_NotAllowed] = glfwCreateStandardCursor(GLFW_NOT_ALLOWED_CURSOR);
bd->MouseCursors[ImGuiMouseCursor_ResizeAll] = glfwCreateStandardCursor(GLFW_ARROW_CURSOR);
bd->MouseCursors[ImGuiMouseCursor_ResizeNESW] = glfwCreateStandardCursor(GLFW_ARROW_CURSOR);
bd->MouseCursors[ImGuiMouseCursor_ResizeNWSE] = glfwCreateStandardCursor(GLFW_ARROW_CURSOR);
bd->MouseCursors[ImGuiMouseCursor_NotAllowed] = glfwCreateStandardCursor(GLFW_ARROW_CURSOR);
#if (GLFW_VERSION_COMBINED >= 3300) // Eat errors (see #5785)
// Chain GLFW callbacks: our callbacks will call the user's previously installed callbacks, if any.
if (install_callbacks)
// Register Emscripten Wheel callback to workaround issue in Emscripten GLFW Emulation (#6096)
// We intentionally do not check 'if (install_callbacks)' here, as some users may set it to false and call GLFW callback themselves.
// FIXME: May break chaining in case user registered their own Emscripten callback?
#ifdef __EMSCRIPTEN__
emscripten_set_wheel_callback(EMSCRIPTEN_EVENT_TARGET_DOCUMENT, NULL, false, ImGui_ImplEmscripten_WheelCallback);
bd->ClientApi = client_api;
return true;
bool ImGui_ImplGlfw_InitForOpenGL(GLFWwindow* window, bool install_callbacks)
return ImGui_ImplGlfw_Init(window, install_callbacks, GlfwClientApi_OpenGL);
bool ImGui_ImplGlfw_InitForVulkan(GLFWwindow* window, bool install_callbacks)
return ImGui_ImplGlfw_Init(window, install_callbacks, GlfwClientApi_Vulkan);
bool ImGui_ImplGlfw_InitForOther(GLFWwindow* window, bool install_callbacks)
return ImGui_ImplGlfw_Init(window, install_callbacks, GlfwClientApi_Unknown);
void ImGui_ImplGlfw_Shutdown()
ImGui_ImplGlfw_Data* bd = ImGui_ImplGlfw_GetBackendData();
IM_ASSERT(bd != nullptr && "No platform backend to shutdown, or already shutdown?");
ImGuiIO& io = ImGui::GetIO();
if (bd->InstalledCallbacks)
for (ImGuiMouseCursor cursor_n = 0; cursor_n < ImGuiMouseCursor_COUNT; cursor_n++)
io.BackendPlatformName = nullptr;
io.BackendPlatformUserData = nullptr;
static void ImGui_ImplGlfw_UpdateMouseData()
ImGui_ImplGlfw_Data* bd = ImGui_ImplGlfw_GetBackendData();
ImGuiIO& io = ImGui::GetIO();
if (glfwGetInputMode(bd->Window, GLFW_CURSOR) == GLFW_CURSOR_DISABLED)
io.AddMousePosEvent(-FLT_MAX, -FLT_MAX);
#ifdef __EMSCRIPTEN__
const bool is_app_focused = true;
const bool is_app_focused = glfwGetWindowAttrib(bd->Window, GLFW_FOCUSED) != 0;
if (is_app_focused)
// (Optional) Set OS mouse position from Dear ImGui if requested (rarely used, only when ImGuiConfigFlags_NavEnableSetMousePos is enabled by user)
if (io.WantSetMousePos)
glfwSetCursorPos(bd->Window, (double)io.MousePos.x, (double)io.MousePos.y);
// (Optional) Fallback to provide mouse position when focused (ImGui_ImplGlfw_CursorPosCallback already provides this when hovered or captured)
if (is_app_focused && bd->MouseWindow == nullptr)
double mouse_x, mouse_y;
glfwGetCursorPos(bd->Window, &mouse_x, &mouse_y);
io.AddMousePosEvent((float)mouse_x, (float)mouse_y);
bd->LastValidMousePos = ImVec2((float)mouse_x, (float)mouse_y);
static void ImGui_ImplGlfw_UpdateMouseCursor()
ImGuiIO& io = ImGui::GetIO();
ImGui_ImplGlfw_Data* bd = ImGui_ImplGlfw_GetBackendData();
if ((io.ConfigFlags & ImGuiConfigFlags_NoMouseCursorChange) || glfwGetInputMode(bd->Window, GLFW_CURSOR) == GLFW_CURSOR_DISABLED)
ImGuiMouseCursor imgui_cursor = ImGui::GetMouseCursor();
if (imgui_cursor == ImGuiMouseCursor_None || io.MouseDrawCursor)
// Hide OS mouse cursor if imgui is drawing it or if it wants no cursor
glfwSetInputMode(bd->Window, GLFW_CURSOR, GLFW_CURSOR_HIDDEN);
// Show OS mouse cursor
// FIXME-PLATFORM: Unfocused windows seems to fail changing the mouse cursor with GLFW 3.2, but 3.3 works here.
glfwSetCursor(bd->Window, bd->MouseCursors[imgui_cursor] ? bd->MouseCursors[imgui_cursor] : bd->MouseCursors[ImGuiMouseCursor_Arrow]);
glfwSetInputMode(bd->Window, GLFW_CURSOR, GLFW_CURSOR_NORMAL);
// Update gamepad inputs
static inline float Saturate(float v) { return v < 0.0f ? 0.0f : v > 1.0f ? 1.0f : v; }
static void ImGui_ImplGlfw_UpdateGamepads()
ImGuiIO& io = ImGui::GetIO();
if ((io.ConfigFlags & ImGuiConfigFlags_NavEnableGamepad) == 0) // FIXME: Technically feeding gamepad shouldn't depend on this now that they are regular inputs.
io.BackendFlags &= ~ImGuiBackendFlags_HasGamepad;
GLFWgamepadstate gamepad;
if (!glfwGetGamepadState(GLFW_JOYSTICK_1, &gamepad))
#define MAP_BUTTON(KEY_NO, BUTTON_NO, _UNUSED) do { io.AddKeyEvent(KEY_NO, gamepad.buttons[BUTTON_NO] != 0); } while (0)
#define MAP_ANALOG(KEY_NO, AXIS_NO, _UNUSED, V0, V1) do { float v = gamepad.axes[AXIS_NO]; v = (v - V0) / (V1 - V0); io.AddKeyAnalogEvent(KEY_NO, v > 0.10f, Saturate(v)); } while (0)
int axes_count = 0, buttons_count = 0;
const float* axes = glfwGetJoystickAxes(GLFW_JOYSTICK_1, &axes_count);
const unsigned char* buttons = glfwGetJoystickButtons(GLFW_JOYSTICK_1, &buttons_count);
if (axes_count == 0 || buttons_count == 0)
#define MAP_BUTTON(KEY_NO, _UNUSED, BUTTON_NO) do { io.AddKeyEvent(KEY_NO, (buttons_count > BUTTON_NO && buttons[BUTTON_NO] == GLFW_PRESS)); } while (0)
#define MAP_ANALOG(KEY_NO, _UNUSED, AXIS_NO, V0, V1) do { float v = (axes_count > AXIS_NO) ? axes[AXIS_NO] : V0; v = (v - V0) / (V1 - V0); io.AddKeyAnalogEvent(KEY_NO, v > 0.10f, Saturate(v)); } while (0)
io.BackendFlags |= ImGuiBackendFlags_HasGamepad;
MAP_BUTTON(ImGuiKey_GamepadFaceLeft, GLFW_GAMEPAD_BUTTON_X, 2); // Xbox X, PS Square
MAP_BUTTON(ImGuiKey_GamepadFaceRight, GLFW_GAMEPAD_BUTTON_B, 1); // Xbox B, PS Circle
MAP_BUTTON(ImGuiKey_GamepadFaceUp, GLFW_GAMEPAD_BUTTON_Y, 3); // Xbox Y, PS Triangle
MAP_BUTTON(ImGuiKey_GamepadFaceDown, GLFW_GAMEPAD_BUTTON_A, 0); // Xbox A, PS Cross
MAP_ANALOG(ImGuiKey_GamepadL2, GLFW_GAMEPAD_AXIS_LEFT_TRIGGER, 4, -0.75f, +1.0f);
MAP_ANALOG(ImGuiKey_GamepadR2, GLFW_GAMEPAD_AXIS_RIGHT_TRIGGER, 5, -0.75f, +1.0f);
MAP_ANALOG(ImGuiKey_GamepadLStickLeft, GLFW_GAMEPAD_AXIS_LEFT_X, 0, -0.25f, -1.0f);
MAP_ANALOG(ImGuiKey_GamepadLStickRight, GLFW_GAMEPAD_AXIS_LEFT_X, 0, +0.25f, +1.0f);
MAP_ANALOG(ImGuiKey_GamepadLStickUp, GLFW_GAMEPAD_AXIS_LEFT_Y, 1, -0.25f, -1.0f);
MAP_ANALOG(ImGuiKey_GamepadLStickDown, GLFW_GAMEPAD_AXIS_LEFT_Y, 1, +0.25f, +1.0f);
MAP_ANALOG(ImGuiKey_GamepadRStickLeft, GLFW_GAMEPAD_AXIS_RIGHT_X, 2, -0.25f, -1.0f);
MAP_ANALOG(ImGuiKey_GamepadRStickRight, GLFW_GAMEPAD_AXIS_RIGHT_X, 2, +0.25f, +1.0f);
MAP_ANALOG(ImGuiKey_GamepadRStickUp, GLFW_GAMEPAD_AXIS_RIGHT_Y, 3, -0.25f, -1.0f);
MAP_ANALOG(ImGuiKey_GamepadRStickDown, GLFW_GAMEPAD_AXIS_RIGHT_Y, 3, +0.25f, +1.0f);
void ImGui_ImplGlfw_NewFrame()
ImGuiIO& io = ImGui::GetIO();
ImGui_ImplGlfw_Data* bd = ImGui_ImplGlfw_GetBackendData();
IM_ASSERT(bd != nullptr && "Did you call ImGui_ImplGlfw_InitForXXX()?");
// Setup display size (every frame to accommodate for window resizing)
int w, h;
int display_w, display_h;
glfwGetWindowSize(bd->Window, &w, &h);
glfwGetFramebufferSize(bd->Window, &display_w, &display_h);
io.DisplaySize = ImVec2((float)w, (float)h);
if (w > 0 && h > 0)
io.DisplayFramebufferScale = ImVec2((float)display_w / (float)w, (float)display_h / (float)h);
// Setup time step
double current_time = glfwGetTime();
io.DeltaTime = bd->Time > 0.0 ? (float)(current_time - bd->Time) : (float)(1.0f / 60.0f);
bd->Time = current_time;
// Update game controllers (if enabled and available)
#if defined(__clang__)
#pragma clang diagnostic pop