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// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 OR MIT OR Unlicense
struct Config {
width_in_tiles: u32,
height_in_tiles: u32,
target_width: u32,
target_height: u32,
n_drawobj: u32,
n_path: u32,
n_clip: u32,
// To reduce the number of bindings, info and bin data are combined
// into one buffer.
bin_data_start: u32,
// offsets within scene buffer (in u32 units)
pathtag_base: u32,
pathdata_base: u32,
drawtag_base: u32,
drawdata_base: u32,
transform_base: u32,
linewidth_base: u32,
// Sizes of bump allocated buffers (in element size units)
binning_size: u32,
tiles_size: u32,
segments_size: u32,
ptcl_size: u32,
// Geometry of tiles and bins
let TILE_WIDTH = 16u;
let TILE_HEIGHT = 16u;
// Number of tiles per bin
let N_TILE_X = 16u;
let N_TILE_Y = 16u;
//let N_TILE = N_TILE_X * N_TILE_Y;
let N_TILE = 256u;