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Vello SVG viewer

This example program parses SVG files with usvg and renders them with Vello.

The rendering is extremely simplistic and does not yet support:

  • group opacity
  • mix-blend-modes
  • clipping
  • masking
  • filter effects
  • group background
  • path visibility
  • path paint order
  • path shape-rendering
  • embedded images
  • text
  • gradients
  • patterns


Running the viewer without any arguments will render a built-in set of public-domain SVG images:

$ cargo run -p usvg_viewer --release

Optionally, you can pass in paths to SVG files that you want to render:

$ cargo run -p usvg_viewer --release -- [SVG FILES]


  • Mouse drag-and-drop will translate the image.
  • Mouse scroll wheel will zoom.
  • Arrow keys switch between SVG images in the current set.
  • Space resets the position and zoom of the image.
  • Escape exits the program.