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// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 OR MIT OR Unlicense
// Various constants for the sizes of groups and tiles.
// Much of this will be made dynamic in various ways, but for now it's easiest
// to hardcode and keep all in one place.
// A LG_WG_FACTOR of n scales workgroup sizes by 2^n. Use 0 for a
// maximum workgroup size of 128, or 1 for a maximum size of 256.
#define LG_WG_FACTOR 1
#define TILE_WIDTH_PX 16
#define TILE_HEIGHT_PX 16
// These should probably be renamed and/or reworked. In the binning
// kernel, they represent the number of bins. Also, the workgroup size
// of that kernel is equal to the number of bins, but should probably
// be more flexible (it's 512 in the K&L paper).
#define N_TILE_X 16
#define N_TILE_Y (8 * WG_FACTOR)
#define N_TILE (N_TILE_X * N_TILE_Y)
#define LG_N_TILE (7 + LG_WG_FACTOR)
#define N_SLICE (N_TILE / 32)
#define GRADIENT_WIDTH 512
struct Config {
uint n_elements; // paths
uint n_pathseg;
uint width_in_tiles;
uint height_in_tiles;
Alloc tile_alloc;
Alloc bin_alloc;
Alloc ptcl_alloc;
Alloc pathseg_alloc;
Alloc anno_alloc;
Alloc trans_alloc;
// new element pipeline stuff follows
// Bounding boxes of paths, stored as int (so atomics work)
Alloc bbox_alloc;
// Monoid for draw objects
Alloc drawmonoid_alloc;
// Number of transforms in scene
// This is probably not needed.
uint n_trans;
// This only counts actual paths, not EndClip.
uint n_path;
// Offset (in bytes) of transform stream in scene buffer
uint trans_offset;
// Offset (in bytes) of linewidth stream in scene
uint linewidth_offset;
// Offset (in bytes) of path tag stream in scene
uint pathtag_offset;
// Offset (in bytes) of path segment stream in scene
uint pathseg_offset;
// Fill modes.
#define MODE_NONZERO 0
#define MODE_STROKE 1
// Size of kernel4 clip state, in words.
// fill_mode_from_flags extracts the fill mode from tag flags.
uint fill_mode_from_flags(uint flags) {
return flags & 0x1;