Nokia N-Gage

SDL2 port for Symbian S60v1 and v2 with a main focus on the Nokia N-Gage (Classic and QD) by Michael Fitzmayer.


SDL is part of the N-Gage SDK. project. The library is included in the toolchain as a sub-module.

A complete example project based on SDL2 can be found in the GitHub account of the SDK: Wordle.

Current level of implementation

The video driver currently provides full screen video support with keyboard input.

At the moment only the software renderer works.

Audio is not yet implemented.


Thanks to Hannu Viitala, Kimmo Kinnunen and Markus Mertama for the valuable insight into Symbian programming. Without the SDL 1.2 port which was specially developed for CDoom (Doom for the Nokia 9210), this adaptation would not have been possible.

I would like to thank my friends Razvan and Dan Whelan, for their continuous support. Without you and the N-Gage community, I would have lost my patience long ago.

Last but not least, I would like to thank the development team of EKA2L1 (an experimental Symbian OS emulator). Your patience and support in troubleshooting helped me a lot.